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College】 【weak how to solve the color cast】 projector..

<br> along with projection technology continues to mature, in the hands of users Projector "figure" is mainly LCD projectors and digital projectors. .However, the use of such projector, projection color cast often encounter the problem, leading to a decline in projection. .So why do failures occur Projector color cast, when we encounter such a failure, how quickly to respond? Believe that the contents of this article below will give you a satisfactory answer! <BR> Color cast because normal projection ., the LCD projector's optical processing system through an internal, light will "break" into the red, green and blue color light beam, respectively, the three colors of light beam through the transmission, AD conversion, modulation and other processes, appears in three .LCD panel, and then through the optical path control unit, to achieve the proper color of light off the last three color light beams for projection prism synthesis, the formation of color image output through the projector lens on the projector screen. .The DLP projector is a digital-based red, green, and blue color wheel technology to the color of the image processing projection, the projection of the real extent of the color projector is closely related to the number of the DMD micromirror. .If the deal through the projector optical system, the output of the past. .Three-color projection light in a certain one or a few colors, then the image appears on the screen will appear obvious color cast problems. .Obviously the main reason for color cast caused by the projector, the projector is the internal optical processing system, by "external" interference, you can not correct the image color processing and "expression", but of course there's "external force" includes a number of factors ., caused by different factors need to use a different color cast projection methods to solve. .Color cast of the actual projection units have a Hitachi projector, the "service" time for nearly a half almost two years. .Most recently, do not know why, through the projector screen projector images out of total sensory phenomenon obvious color cast. .At first I thought it was Ougan cold, and do not mind this phenomenon, but in the days after the projection, projection color cast failure can never be eliminated, it is clear projector is really ill,. .In desperation, I decided to conduct some thorough examination of the projector. .I first connected the projector and computer lines were checked and found that the computer connected to the projector is the Founder of a Celeron 733 desktop, will not be connected to the projector's VGA cable and the computer took place within the mixed .line, leading to a serious projection signal crosstalk phenomenon? first anyway, or the first two VGA interface to remove the data cable to see! So I for a penny, in for a pound, quickly recruited multimeter, open the VGA cable .both sides of the interface, and each of them were detected signal lines, the results did not find the signal wire hinge, such as break and short circuit fault. .In order to verify the projector or the signal line is faulty, I also used a data cable with a VGA projector and another computer connected, powered on again, and found that the output of the projector on the projection screen in the curtain has not .color cast phenomenon occurs, and the results look very clear, very clear and Flanagan VGA projector cable is normal, the problem is most likely connected to the projector that sets Founder previously caused the computer. .So that sets the author of the Founder computers were examined, to see the computer's display resolution parameters, whether within the support of the projector; When I open the Display Properties settings Founder Computer window, find the computer's "color" .parameter is set to 16 colors enhance the color, "Display Resolution" parameter is set to "800x600", "Refresh resolution" parameter is set to 75Hz; each of these parameters associated with the technical specifications of the projector comparison, the .Founder of the computer that the projector supports all display parameters, indicating that the fault is not a projection color cast caused by the Founder of the computer itself! through some of these efforts to come to the preliminary analysis of the results: VGA cable and the projector itself is normal .connecting the projector Founder PC is normal, projection display parameter settings are correct. .Then in addition to the above factors may cause the projector malfunction, what factors can lead to projector failure occurred color cast it? Will not be connected with the projector power cable caused the power outlet it? I think to do, pull up .all the plugs out of the socket and power outlet with a multimeter on the output voltage detection, but test out the value that the electrical outlet power supply stability, there is no unusual places. .But I do not trust the results of the test, intended to use to buy a new outlet to replace what, after all, can be confirmed through the substitution is really a faulty electrical outlet, so you can narrow the scope of troubleshooting, improve troubleshooting efficiency. .When I bought it with the new replace the old socket outlet after a miracle indeed, the original failure occurred Projector color cast, and now the projection is very clear and it did not have any color cast phenomenon. .Why is it so!? I fail to understand why, do little power outlet can also be set off so much of the "storm"? Outlet through some of the old "open gut belly breaking", the author found that the zero line of the internal socket .turned out to be "crimes Huai culprit." .Ground within the original socket and the zero line accidentally touched together, in the absence of the plug connection with a multimeter to test the power outlet, it will show the tests are normal, but once plugged in, then, between the zero line and the line of fire .The power supply circuit, will result in ground socket will be charged, a result in line current will return through the plug to the projector and computer projector so easily lead to the interference signal by the signal, resulting in projection .color cast problems. .When I try to plug the internal ground and separated from the zero line, while ensuring a reliable power outlet grounded again after the projector and computer connected to the fixed projection on the old socket, the projection color cast failure turned immediately disappeared. .Projector color cast caused by the projector response occurred in fact, there are many factors color cast, caused by different factors projection color cast failure, need to use different methods to deal with. .To help you projector users to effectively and quickly eliminate color cast fails, the author summarizes some of the following deal specifically, and I hope you can bring help! 1, we know that timely replacement of projector bulbs, projector bulbs each have a certain .life, close to the lamp life projection that time, the bulbs are often unable to deal with the projector out of the image color fidelity, clearly revealed itself, a dim image of a color picture often gives people the feeling of color cast .. .To remove the light bulb does not light color cast caused by failure, the only way is the timely replacement of projector bulbs, projection color to highlight again, clearly is output to the projector screen. .It should be noted that the projector lamp is best to use and consistent brand, and install the bulb, do not touch the bulb directly, because light bulbs have a special protective surface layer, if the direct hand contact, may be .leave marks on its surface, thus affecting the projection color output. .2, the signal line is connected correctly Many people think that the signal line connecting the projector is a very easy thing, but the more simple things, the more often the introduction of neglect. .This does not, once the projector signal cable is not securely fixed to the computer or the projector's VGA port, it may be bad phenomenon, this phenomenon of projection color cast failure is often difficult to be noticed. .In addition, the signal line interface to a computer or projector into the VGA port, if the location of the closed, plug too much force, it is easy to interface the signal cable core needle bend or break, which would also easily lead to .Projector color cast failure occurred. .There are connecting the projector and computer VGA signal cable length of more than 15 meters, then the projector will be seriously degraded signal, which would inevitably arise projection color cast problems. .In order to eliminate the signal cable failure caused by improper projector color cast, you must do the following: First, the signal cable connected to the VGA port, the first aimed at the port location, and then the appropriate force to ensure the signal line interface .VGA port needle core and reliable access, do not use brute force in the insertion, broken needle core; then the trouble to carry forward the spirit, tighten the screws for the fixed position to ensure that the projector with the VGA port signal line between the stable .are firmly connected together, can not have the slightest shaking; in the selection of the data projector line, please try to use the complimentary projection signal line, and not free to use other projectors to replace the signal line; another signal to prevent the projection .excessive attenuation, make sure the cable length can not use more than 15 meters; <BR> Once a phenomenon projection color cast, try to use the signal cable directly to the projector connected to the computer instead of using the display or signal amplifier distributor .because the color cast failure may also be handled by the link between these signals caused. .3, in the long time maintenance of your hand during use, some components inside the projector often occur aging, or internal components often move the projector, there will be loose, shedding phenomenon, this can lead to projector .Projector color cast failure occurred. .Under normal circumstances, the projector to solve the poor due to their own hardware failure caused by the projection of color cast, the better if a professional repair service personnel to detect, rather than yourself, free to open the projector housing, it is easy to damage the projector off .machine. .4, projection parameters set the color if the projector displays the computer screen parameters and parameters are not consistent, or if the color inside the projector display parameters not set correctly, then the projector may also lead to occurrence of color cast problems. .In the elimination of failure in this regard, as long as the patient and meticulous, will re-adjust the projection parameters are for; In addition, as much as possible to the projector and computer to adjust the display parameters appropriate to ensure that they accurately match. .5, away from the electromagnetic signal interference as the projector signal cable to transmit the signal, such signals are susceptible to external electric or magnetic field interference, which occurs projection screen color cast caused by failure or instability. .To avoid such a failure occurs, you should not be the projector signal cable and power lines or other communication cables close together and do not let the signal cable through the doors, windows crack, not in a strong magnetic signal .where the projection shows <BR>.

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