Friday, May 20, 2011

【 Weak current college 】 atmosphere refrigerator common sense 】

Air conditioning cold preservation principles are, in the cold store refrigeration of storage to improve cold storage based on relative humidity of the environment, and to adjust the freezer in a specific gas composition in the maintenance of normal physiological activity of the fruit, the effective suppression of breathing, evaporation, hormones, microorganisms and enzymes, delaying their physiology and metabolism, delaying ripening aging process and preventing deterioration of corruption, and keep the food fresh longer. Gas refrigerator gas regulator is the oxygen concentration from 21 percent to 3 percent to 5 percent, i.e. keeping cold storage is on the basis of high-temperature refrigerator, plus a set of controlled atmosphere systems, use temperature and control of oxygen content in two aspects together to achieve inhibition of postharvest respiratory status.
Atmosphere refrigerator from the West, the 1980s into China is the world's most advanced cold storage of fruits and vegetables fresh. She passed control of cold storage in oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, etc of the content of gas composition, complemented by measures such as temperature, make the cold storage of fruits and vegetables in a "constant gas thermostat" status, in terms of freshness period or from fresh quality can achieve better results, low temperature freezer freshness is a single incomparable manner. Advantages: 1, extended freezer storage time, longer than conventional freezer 1-2 times, making the unit more flexible master sell time for higher economic efficiency; 2, improving the cold preservation, preservation quality, nutrient losses small; 3, adapt wide range is diverse; 4, air conditioned cold storage and easy management, convenient compact size, reducing cargo losses; 5, reduce energy consumption; 6, air conditioned cold dishes can be finite, mixed storage unit of Qi different fruits and vegetables do not affect each other.

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