Saturday, May 7, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 LED display cell board quality how to identify 】

LED display cell board quality how to is available from the following identification:

1. check the appearance of the selected material quality

① P C B plate and the processing quality.
② I C device brand and consistency;
③ glow raster quality;

2. check circuit design circuit design specification, PCB wiring with LED display technology requirements;

3. check welding quality check whether SMD components leak, mislabelling phenomenon, is there a short circuit symbol pin Burr. Check whether the smooth solder joints with straight plug-ins mellow, plate surface is clean and tidy, no virtual welding leakage welding. Check the luminous lattice the smoothness of the cartridge and ink color consistency.

4. power on tests (refer to "performance test report" steps)

① power tests the consistency of the luminous lattice;
② power tests on line driver tube CEM4953 is valid;
③ power test signal transmission capacity;

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