Monday, February 14, 2011

Weak current College】 【classification of electronic measuring instruments and their application knowledge】.

<br> Electronic measuring instruments according to their works and uses which are generally classified into the following categories. <br> 1. Multipurpose <br> Analogue voltmeter, analog multimeter (ie analog multimeter VOM), digital voltmeters, digital multimeter (DMM DMM .) are in this category. This is often used instrument. It can be used to measure the AC / DC voltage, AC / DC current, resistor, capacitor, inductor, audio level, frequency, transistor NPN or PNP current amplification β value, etc .. <br> <br> 2. the oscilloscope <br> Oscilloscope is a measurement of the voltage waveform of electronic instrument, it can be measured voltage signal patterns over time, graphic display. Using the oscilloscope can not only be intuitive and visually observed .changes in physical quantity being measured, and the picture can show the waveform, measure the voltage and current, the frequency and phase, as well as depicts characteristics curves, etc. <br> <br> 3. signal generator <br> Signal generators .(including function generator) for maintenance and testing of electronic equipment and instruments, signal source. It is a way to produce a certain shape, frequency, and amplitude of the oscillator. For example: produces a sine wave, square, triangle, ramp and .rectangular pulse wave, etc. <br> <br> 4. the transistor tracers <br> Transistor tracers is a dedicated oscilloscope, it cannot directly observe all kinds of transistor characteristics curves and curve of the cluster. For example: transistor fryatt, total .base and total set three kinds of inputs, outputs and feedback characteristics; diode forward, reverse characteristics; voltage tube voltage or Zener characteristics; it can measure the breakdown voltage of the transistors, saturation currents, β or α parameter. <br> <br .> 5. a megohmmeter <br> Megohmmeter (commonly known as shaking table) is a way to check the electrical equipment, measuring high resistance of simple direct reading instruments, are usually used for measuring circuit, motor windings and insulation resistance of the cable, .etc. Megohmmeter most hand generator powered, therefore calls the shaking table. Due to its scale is reported in Europe (M Ω), therefore calls a megohmmeter. <br> <br> 6. infrared thermometer <br> Infrared thermometer is a non .-contact temperature measuring instrument, it includes optical systems, electronic circuits, the information is modulated, linear processing reached indicates, display and control purposes. Currently applied infrared thermometer temperature measurement with photon and two hot thermometer, mainly used in electric furnace, crops, .railway rails, deep-buried underground high voltage cable connectors, fire, gas analysis, temperature measurement by laser receiver, and control applications. <br> <br> 7. integrated circuit Tester <br> Such instruments may PMOS, TTL, CMOS Digital .integrated circuit functions and parameters of the test, you can judge the erase character chip models and functional testing of IC Online, online tests. <br> <br> 8.LCR parameter Tester <br> Inductance, capacitance and resistance measurement instrument, not .only automatic judgment component properties, and the symbol graphics displayed, and demonstrate its value. It also can measure Q, D, Z, Lp, Ls, Cp, Cs, Kp, Ks, arguments, and shows the equivalent circuit graphics. <br .> <br> 9. Spectrum Analyzer <br> Spectrum Analyzer in the frequency domain signal analysis, testing, research and maintenance has a broad application. It can also measure the signal amplitude and frequency, test comparison and analysis of multi-channel signal signal .. You can also test the phone logic and signal RF Circuit. For example: logic of control signal, baseband signal, RF Circuit of the local oscillator signal, the if signal, transmitting signals. <br> <br> In addition to the above .common electronic measuring instruments, time measurement, bridge, phase detector, dynamic parser, optical measuring instrument, strain gauge, flow meter, etc. <br> <br> <br>.

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