Monday, February 7, 2011

Weak current College】 【common combination freezer condenser describes】.

Modular cold storage, also known as prefabricated cold storage, assembly-type freezer, refrigerated warehouse activities

Condenser is combined in the refrigeration system is mainly one of heat exchange equipment, its role is to bring the combined refrigerator compressor discharge of high-temperature refrigerant thermal vapour cooling and condensation as high pressure liquid. Refrigerants in the condenser heat emitted by the cooling medium. As the cooling medium, modular cold air cooled condensers and water-cooled is mainly divided into:
1. air cooling: air cooled condenser in the condenser, the refrigerant heat given off by the air away. Apply cold load smaller only small activities used in the refrigeration system.
2. water-cooled condenser: water-cooled condenser, the active cold compressor refrigerant heat given off by the cooling water remove. Water-cooled condenser type more, according to the shape of a tube, shell and tube and plate, etc.
Combined with the set of refrigeration compressors: is a large diameter pipe or copper tube, set a root or root diameter smaller brass (smooth tube or low fin tube), and then under the layout requirements bending unit made of round or U-shaped spiral type. Refrigerants from upper part into the outer tube, the condensate from the jacket pipe lower outflow; while cooling water from the bottom into the inner tube, and the refrigerant is reverse flow of the refrigerant vapor along the absorption of heat, and finally by the upper outflow, this type of condenser are commonly used in the cooling load is less than the combined 40kW cold storage, small freezer freon cooling system.
Shell and tube condenser is divided into two vertical and horizontal. Vertical shell-tube condenser, the shell is coiled steel plate welded at both ends of the cylinder, the cylinder tube sheet welding are porous, hole corresponds with tubes, used for cooling the refrigerant. Its characteristics are huge, supplies more structure; cooling water flow rate is low, easy scaling, cooling water consumption, suitable for water, water quality, poor regions. Horizontal shell condenser is similar to the structure and vertical when the refrigerant to ammonia, seamless steel tubes, used as freon refrigerant, tubes low finned copper pipes. Horizontal shell condenser heat transfer coefficient is higher, the amount of cooling water consumption, but the higher the water quality requirements, are widely used in large, medium and small cold ammonia and freon cooling system.

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