Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weak current College】 【LCD TV bad points and detecting methods】.

Today's big-screen TV at the hottest products, especially in the new House of friends also can't wait to buy one ideal liquid crystal. But when the LCD TV sent home after you have noted the existence of a pixel? what is a bad point, its use of the LCD TV has much influence, how to detect bad points and avoid the bad points of the LCD TV?
LCD TV with pixel and LCD monitors, mobile phones and other products using the LCD Panel, because the control a pixel brightness change the effectiveness of the transistor. We know that LCD Panel works by semiconductor transistor control applied to voltage, liquid crystal lens to let the liquid crystal molecules are arranged by state changes, the implementation of each pixel shading. When control liquid crystal molecules rotating transistor failure, bad points. Transistor failure has two consequences, one is always powered up, one is always closed, so LCD pixel there bright and dark spots. As long as the post, bad point is always displays a color. Relative, bright images of dark far dark screen highlights to conspicuous, so highlight is our particular attention. It is also for comparison and annoying bright spots, but also manufacturers through technical means will highlight off, launched guarantee zero bright slogan, but this does not mean that there is no bad points, but it makes a bad point is not so easy to find.
Testing the LCD Panel of bad point is a test of patience and eyesight, because each pixel LCD Panel divided into red, green, blue three subpixel, so we just need to let the LCD TV show black, white, red, green, blue three colors screen, you can let bad point no undetected.
Method 1: on the TV set at home, use a computer and LCD TV is connected to is display a variety of solid colors screen, this is the best way and the steps of selecting the LCD monitor. Of course, the computer graphics and the TV is connected first of all to consider both have a common interface, such as the most universal VGA interface, if the TV has a VGA connector, simply prepared a VGA cable, turn on the TV and choose PC (VGA) input signal source, follow the instructions that are described in the television supports resolution settings, if your TV only support up to 1024 x 768 for 4: 3 signals, the screen will only appear in the middle area, we can adjust the screen ratio to expand to full screen. After like TFTtest, checkscreen, DisplayMate, solid color images in the software to display the desired picture. You can also select computer desktop properties where the corresponding color of the desktop to detect, and purchase the LCD monitor when detection methods.
Method 2: many computers also support read CF/SD memory cards, USB flash drive to appear in the picture, so we can also use these attachments to show these solid color screen. First brush, making these tools phptoshop JPG format of solid color picture, and then, in the resolution to 1280x720 card or Flash drive and use the TV as much as possible full-screen display these pictures.
Method 3: If you happen to have such a test disc HiVicast or DVD machine to act as a signal source, select the required test screen sections. If you do not have such a test drive, you can also select other DVD discs near we want solid color images of fragment, for example at the beginning of the copyright warning screens, menus, subtitles, and so on, at the end of the moratorium on display to detect.
If the above condition is met, we had to connect the cable TV, a television program is relatively suitable for screen, through TV static like function to detect.
Not all LCD TV has a bad point, all the manufacturers are the number of bad point in how much scope remains normal, there are three or less, while others are 5 or 8 or less, and the different levels and Panel and respective manufacturers for quality control of demanding level. Of course, as consumers must not willing to spend big money to the LCD TV and bad points, but the current LCD TV sales are in the marketplace money order, then by the manufacturers charge, therefore prior to consultations with vendors clearly how much a bad point you can return to the TV to check as soon as possible after, so that time too long, been for depreciation or refuse a purchase.
A LCD Panel has no bad point, manufacturers are know, there are no bad point is the decision of the LCD Panel grade and an important factor in the price, so when we select LCD TV, you should try to avoid those super low price of the product, and select high-profile brand. Of course, even if there are a couple of bad points, but also not depressed because the LCD TV viewing distances under normal viewing distance, and not easy to find, especially in the side position, almost difficult to detect, more impact only derived from the psychological level.

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