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Weak current College】 【correctly put batteries in series and parallel up】.

<br> <br> Put the batteries in series and parallel, this sounds like a very simple, however, follow a few simple rules, you can avoid unnecessary problems. <br> In the battery pack in the multiple battery series, get the .required operating voltage. If the need is greater capacity and more current, that should put the batteries in parallel. There are also some battery pack, serial and parallel these two methods. A laptop's battery is likely to be the fourth section 3.6V series lithium .-ion battery, the total voltage reaches 14.4V; then, the two groups are placed in-line of batteries in parallel so that the total power, the battery pack from 2000 mAh to 4000 mah. This connection is referred to as the "fourth .series two and ", it means: put two group consists of four batteries in series with the battery shunt. <br> In watches, backup storage and the use of cellular phones in the General section of the battery. The nickel-based battery section .nominal voltage is 1.2V, alkaline battery is 1.5V, silver oxide, lead-acid battery is 1.6V is sexual battery, lithium battery is 2V 3V, lithium-ion battery nominal voltage is 3.6V. Use lithium-ion polymer and other types .of lithium batteries, it's rated voltage typically 3.7V. If you want to be like this unusual 11.1V of voltage, you have to put the batteries in series III. With the development of modern microelectronic technology, we can use a section 3.6V lithium .-ion battery for cell phones and low power portable communications products. In the sixties of last century, in Lux meter wide use of mercury in batteries, for reasons of environmental protection considerations, have now been completely out of the market. <br> Nickel .-based battery nominal voltage 1.2V or 1.25V. Between them, apart from market preference, there is no difference. Most of the commercial the battery, the voltage of each cell as 1.2V; industrial battery, aviation battery and military batteries, battery .voltage of each section is 1.25V. <br> In-line <br> Need high capacity portable devices, typically consist of two or more sections of the battery in a series of battery power. If you use a high-voltage battery, conductor .and switch size can be very small. Medium price of industrial power tools generally use a voltage of 12V to 19.2V battery life; and the high voltage electric tools use to for 24V 36V battery for greater power. Automotive industry eventually gave the initiator's ignition voltage .from the battery 12V (actually a 14V) to 36V, even the 42V. The battery pack is composed of 18 Festival series lead-acid battery. In the early days of hybrid cars, to supply voltage of the battery pack, as 148V. Compare .new cars with battery, the voltage up to 450V 500v, mostly chemical nickel-based batteries. A voltage to 480V nickel-metal-hydrogen battery pack is made up of 400 section nickel metal hydroxide batteries in series. Some hybrid cars also used lead- .acid battery test done. <br> 42 v automotive batteries are expensive, and, compared to the 12V battery, switch will have more arc. The use of high-voltage battery pack brings another question, which is likely to encounter the battery pack in .a section of battery failure. This is like a chain, concatenated with battery, the more this happens, the higher the odds. As long as there is a section of the battery, its voltage decreases. Finally, a section of the "disconnect" .battery may interrupt the current transmission. While you are replacing the battery of the "bad" no easy task, because the new and old batteries are mutually matching. Generally speaking, the new battery capacity than the old battery. <br> Let's see a .battery of instance, section III, battery voltage generated 0.6V only, not the normal 1.2V (Figure 1). With operating voltage drop, it's worse than normal battery more quickly reach the discharge end of the point at the same time, it's time .to dramatically shorten used. Once the device voltage too low and cut off the power, and the remaining three still good battery will not be able to put the stored power sent out. In this case, section III, the battery also render a lot of .internal resistance, if you also have a load, then, will cause the entire chain of the output voltage of the battery will be significantly reduced. In a set of serial battery, a section of the poor performance of the battery, is like a block .of pipe Stoppers, will have a tremendous resistance to prevent current flow in the past. Section III will short circuit the batteries, which will enable the Terminal voltage down to 3.6V, or so that the battery pack link disconnect and cut off the electric current .. A battery performance depends on the battery pack in the worst of the battery's performance. <br> <br> Parallel <br> In order to get more power, you can take two or more cells in parallel. In addition to battery shunt, .another approach is to use a size larger battery. Due to limitations of the battery, this approach does not apply to all situations. In addition, the large size of the battery doesn't suit made of dedicated battery required form factor. Most of the .chemical batteries can parallel use, lithium-ion battery the most suitable for parallel use. The four-cell battery into the battery pack in parallel, the voltage remains 1.2V, and current and running time is increased to four times. <br> Battery .pack for instance compared with battery, the battery in series and parallel circuits, high impedance or "open" battery in a smaller, however, parallel battery pack will reduce the load capacity and to reduce the running time. It can be compared to an engine .start up only three cylinder. Circuit damage will be even greater, this is because, in short, a failed battery will quickly run out of power in other battery and cause a fire (Figure 2). <br> <br> Series and parallel .<br> Using series and parallel this connection method, the design is very flexible, you can use the standard battery size to meet the needs of the rated voltage and current (Figure 3). It should be noted: total power will not be because .the battery's different connection methods. Power equal to the voltage by current. <br> <br> The lithium-ion battery, the series-parallel connection method is common. The most commonly used a battery pack is 18650 (diameter, length 650mm 18mm .). It comes with protectionCircuit, can monitor series with each section battery, therefore, its maximum actual voltage 14.4 V. The protection circuit can also be used for monitoring parallel with each section of the status of the battery. <br> Household battery < .br> Previous to the batteries in series and parallel connectivity for rechargeable battery, the battery in the battery pack are permanently welded together. In addition to several batteries into the battery of the battery compartment, series, those rules mentioned above also apply to household batteries .. In the line up a few battery use, you must follow the following basic requirements: <br> ● Keep the battery clean of the connection point. The fourth section of the battery when used in a series, a total of eight connection points ( .the battery into the battery compartment of the connection point, the battery compartment to the next section battery connection point). Each connection point there is a certain resistance, if you increase the connection point, it may affect the performance of the whole battery pack. .<br> • Do not mix batteries. When battery power is low, replace all batteries. When used in tandem, would like to use the same type of batteries. <br> ● Do not charge for non-battery to charge. On non .-rechargeable batteries are charged, will produce hydrogen, likely will cause an explosion. <br> ● To note the polarity of the battery. If you have a battery's polarity anti-loaded, will reduce the whole bunch of battery voltage, rather than increasing .the voltage. <br> ● To have completely finished electrical batteries from suspended device. Old batteries compare prone to leaks and corrosion. Alkaline battery relative to carbon zinc battery, the problem is not that serious. <br> • Do not put the battery .in a box, this may be a short circuit. Battery shorting can cause fever, and cause a fire. Please discard batteries in a small plastic bag, and insulation from the outside world. <br> • Similar to the original battery pack alkaline batteries .can be thrown into general bin. But it would be preferable to use a battery to regeneration cycle processing..

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