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【 Weak current College 】 wireless network basics of you ask me for I 】

"Chip is the sand," two days ago when the author and the United States largest wireless chip maker Atheros corporate technical engineers of a dialogue, he said.

When a wireless network abroad when its nascent products price up to a few hundred dollars, and are now at the national level, many 108M wireless product prices even has dropped to around $ 400. In short, as a technology development, cost reduction, its molding product price will constantly reduced, especially like the wireless technology that is rapidly developing technologies, from the chip to the transformation of sand will be faster.

For the upcoming 802 .11n era, I worried about the high prices will make many daunting, but also believe it will than most emerging IT product price will be coming soon. If I understand right the engineer meaning, the cost of the current wireless products has been as low as we did not dare to imagine.

Should be in 2003, the word "wireless" began to frequent the domestic media debut, a few short years wireless technology in domestic has the popular but I still have a lot of people do not have contact with wireless local area network, which is the majority of people on a variety of wireless still have questions, we might as well to a mock questions and answers for you on wireless LAN and then some more.

What exactly are using wireless?

1: first of all, wireless network setup is very easy, without the need for wiring, without damage to the original decoration (especially new homes), just a set of wireless products to form a network.

2: wireless network flexibility compared to a wired network, you can realize the Internet is everywhere, anytime online.

3: wireless management easy, simple management settings by software can isolate users, deny user functions.

4: Wireless easy, not shift after reloading the wiring, the increase in costs.

5: network reconstruction fast, extended network as simple as an extra wireless card that is able to meet the requirements. (For small and medium-sized, SOHO type users should be a good choice)

Tell me what are the disadvantages of wireless?

As the saying goes: "human non-perfect", in fact, the product too, especially such as wireless has not yet been widely recognized products are questioned is normal.

It has been asserted that wireless networks can never become true enterprise-class products, there is only one reason-stability.

Because wireless networks for the transmission distance is limited, but all the computer and must be the effective transmission distance, so long range wireless network coverage is limited.

The above two points should be the current constraints on the development of wireless network, but for the average home user, at present, the vast majority of products are adequate.

What is a WLAN?

The short name for WLAN WirelessLAN, wireless local area network.

Wireless LAN is the use of wireless technology for fast access Ethernet technology. Overview of the current market, from IEEE802.11a, IEEE802.11b and IEEE802.11g wireless technology currently in performance, prices are more than Bluetooth, HomeRF, technology, has gradually become a wireless Ethernet most widely used standards.

Great to hear that wireless network radiation

Wireless radiation problems said, I have to move away compare mobile phone. Currently available using CDMA mobile phone transmitting power when their work is 1.55 Watts to 1.07 Watt, GSM mobile phone transmitting power is the maximum value, minimum 1.49 Watts 0.22 Watt, Basic does not cause harm to the human body. The distance of two feet at maximum transmission power calculation, an 802 .11b wireless devices produce radiation only $ 2 per square centimeter, micro-Watt and higher-performance radiation is released.

This data is a concept? may wish to compare with some reference: television, radio, these devices work when the radiation is about 1 per square centimeter, micro-Watt and 802 .11b devices of radiation is only twice the data, products and 802.11g equivalent, so in WLAN environment generally don't feel any discomfort.

The provisions of the radio Commission of China: Wireless LAN products that transmit power cannot be greater than 10mW, while other countries standards relative relaxed, such as: Japan's wireless LAN product that is the maximum transmission power 100mW, Europe and the United States is 50mW. Market, the sales of products is generally in line with European and American national standards. Cell phone in power 1W when, the vast majority of wireless routers transmit power also 50mW ~ 100mW, wireless network connection between the power of 10mW following in General. The wireless network radiation not terrible on the safe use of

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