Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weak current College】 【white energy saving standards implemented two years results are obvious】.

Recently, the official statistics, household refrigerator and air conditioning energy efficiency labeling system from 1 March 2005, formally, the cumulative savings over our 37 billion kWh of electricity, which over the past two years has eliminated the air-conditioning market 31.4% of energy-consuming products. Standard of practice effectively contributed to industry technological progress as well as the industrial upgrading, also contributed to the community include business-to-energy-saving standard of unprecedented attention. "For the enterprise, standard, improving means of raising the threshold of industry, enterprises must take precautions, the product is to introduce more energy-efficient products. "Domestic air-conditioning company official said, but the people recognize the" domestic energy saving, in addition to removing various gags in the misconception, the key is to improve market acceptance. "Energy efficiency standards-intensive introduction of information display, refrigerators and air conditioning in consumption of and about our household electricity supply of 70%, is the large electricity, while at the same time means that the energy-saving potential is great. In June of this year, the State Council issued a comprehensive work-saving emission reduction programme (hereinafter referred to as "the programme") that: "the eleventh five-year plan" period unit GDP energy consumption reduction target of 20%, the programme explicitly required organization system (repair) for power transformers, Xerox, air-condition, commercial freezers, refrigerators etc terminal using products (devices) energy efficiency standards. The reporter was informed from the enterprise, in the national trend of strong energy conservation and emission reduction, air conditioning energy efficiency standards have been revised, 2009 entry level or to upgrade to an existing 2-level standard. Refrigerator new energy efficiency standards have been adopted the national energy Foundation and Management Standardization Technical Committee and in the near future will be reported to the national standardization Management Board, the new standard in freezer energy efficiency indicators have been nearing 1 level A + of + levels in the European Union. In addition to the standard upgrade, a series of new standard also have or will soon introduce. Air conditioning, domestic first inverter air conditioner efficiency standards mandatory local; in Shanghai on the water heater, the beginning of 2007 the residential gas water heater national energy efficiency standards promulgated formally and officially launched in July. For solar water heater, has recently released the Chinese State environmental protection administration also first environmental standards "solar". In addition the reporter was informed that the national standards for energy-efficient household electric oven, the new formulation of the standard will induction cooker product follow the thermal efficiency of divided into five levels. In addition, the national development and resource use and environmental protection, Deputy Director-what ping kwong previously indicated to the media, then there will be more integrated into the implementation of energy efficiency labeling system. Industrialization promotion as key it is understood that, since 1 March 2005 household refrigerator and air conditioning energy efficiency labeling system began operation, product energy efficiency standards have been significantly improved, at present, China's market in the energy-saving power than conventional refrigerators refrigerator 30%, energy-saving air conditioner than ordinary energy-saving 40%. However there are people in the industry told reporters that China's energy efficiency standards for fridges, and advance the work carried out so long, and international level difference is not very large but relatively speaking, the current implementation of air conditioning energy efficiency standards and industry energy efficiency levels remain to be improved. "Standards promulgated after industrialization road is still long. "With air conditioning, for example, the journalists visited stores found that market products sure to entry level four or five-level energy efficiency labeling for air conditioning, and in addition is the level of identity and the identity of third-level air conditioning is very rare. According to the selling field personnel, because the price difference, at thousands of consumers or to purchase four or five levels. To this end, a domestic air-conditioning enterprise that mainly costs, at present, most have air conditioning company that improve energy efficiency standards in 2009, is lower cost technology upgrades. Matsushita air-conditioner is Chinese area General Manager Yang said, "in fact, energy-saving emission reduction is not only to assume social responsibility also has become an enterprise economical support." It is reported that Panasonic has introduced a range of energy-efficient products, in particular the inverter air conditioner can save energy by more than 30%, but he also considered that, since the prices, domestic in inverter air conditioner on capacity remains limited.

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