Tuesday, February 22, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 combined refrigerator basic design requirements 】

Cold storage design step one: cold storage library site selection and prepared by using properties, cold storage room can be divided into distribution of cold storage, retail of cold storage, productive cold storage. Production of refrigerated warehouse built in sourcing more focused areas, but also the transportation is convenient, and market linkages, and other factors. Cold storage room to build in the absence of sunlight and shade on hot air frequent, small freezer best built indoors. Cold storage around the expected good drainage conditions, groundwater level to low, it is best to have cold storage underneath, and insulating layers remain a well-ventilated, dry on the cold store is important. Also in the cold store construction in accordance with the erection of power prior refrigerator appropriate capacity for three-phase electricity, if the freezer is a water cooler, water pipe laying a good, good cooling tower built. Cold storage design of the second step: cold storage warehouse capacity of cold storage size according to the perennial to storage of agricultural products of the highest amount to design. This capacity is based on the storage of products in the refrigerated warehouse stacked in occupies volume required, plus the Interlinear walkway, heap and walls, the space between the ceiling and the packaging that the gap between calculated and so on. Determine the capacity of cold storage, and then determine the length and height of the cold store. Cold storage design time to consider the necessary subsidiary buildings and facilities, such as workstations, packaging finishing room, tools, libraries and loading platform, etc. Cold storage design step 3: cold storage insulation material selection and installation of cold storage insulation material selection must be suited to local conditions, it is necessary to have good insulation properties, and also economical. A cold-insulation material is divided into several types, one is processed into a fixed shape and size of the plate, there is a fixed length, width and thickness, according to the needs of the library of the installation, select the appropriate size of the Library Board, high, medium-temperature refrigerated warehouse General selection 10 cm thick of Library Board, low temperature cold and freezing cold-like selection of 12 cm or 15 cm thick of library board; another cold storage can use polyurethane spray foam sprayed directly on the materials to the construction of brick or concrete cold storage warehouse, shaped and insulation after both moisture-proof. Thermal insulation with polyurethane and polystyrene resin, etc. Polyurethane non-absorbent, insulation of good, but cost more; polystyrene fat absorption, heat less, but is less expensive. The structure of modern cold storage to the assembled cold storage development, made of moisture-proof coating and included insulation layer of cold store Widget, do on-site Assembly, its advantages are easy, fast, and portable, but the cost is relatively high. Cold storage design step four: select freezer refrigerator cooling system of the cooling system of choice for mainly freezer compressor and evaporator selection. In General, a small selection of hermetic compressor refrigerator. As a result of hermetic compressor power small, relatively cheap; medium cold storage selection semi-enclosed compressor mainly in general; large selection semi-enclosed compressor refrigeration storage, use, or you can consider the ammonia refrigeration compressor, because ammonia refrigeration compressor power and multi-purpose a machine, but cold storage installation and management more cumbersome. Selection of the evaporator, the heat cold store to use air cooler for the evaporator, which is characterized by rapid cooling, but the readily lead to moisture loss of refrigerated product; selection of medium and low temperature cold produced by the evaporation of seamless tubes, its characteristics are constant temperature effects, and the timely cool.

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