Monday, February 14, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 Hitachi high speed refrigerated centrifuge 】

Trouble phenomenon: Hitachi 20PR-52D high-speed refrigerated centrifuge refrigerator with red LED light

Fault analysis and repair of aircraft used: freon refrigerant, R505 as compressors for closed 1100W, and general stand-alone refrigeration systems, different places are: the compressor pipeline another after another pipeline, central control by a solenoid valve, pipe plug access evaporator import pipeline. Aim when defrosting system, you can automatically open solenoid valve automatic defrost quickly, and can automatically adjust the temperature of the cavity stable centrifugal.
When it finds a refrigerator light, freezer stopped. First, check whether the bottom of the compressor temperature above 70 ° c, while at the same time check the supply voltage is 220 ¡à 20V. If none of the above normal, then view the compressor side at 220V. If you check the overload protection. When you view the overload protection role, the compressor failure, check the compressor end line and shell resistance value, close to zero, the coil of compressor or short-circuit to ground the end line. This fault has obvious phenomenon as an out-of-the-stop the compressor.
First of all to replace a compressor, the first open air pipe, the freon fact, with the compressor pipeline welding and gas welding opened, remove the compressor, install a new compressor, access line, open the leak detection, leak-free via check, vacuum, and fluoride, commissioning normal seal inflatable tubes.

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