Monday, February 7, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 fourth generation attendance machines [Clipper] 】

The first generation, paper card attendance machine use Description: a punch machine, plus a full paper cards, shelves, we go to work, with a shelf paper card, into the hole punch machine, pop up on the finish time.
Advantages: first-time purchase costs low. Note: management-employee casual alternative to clock. Leadership and supervision, attendance and useless. Use the up-date back exhaust headache, punch slow, regular attendance records. Statistics — see slightly dizzy, staff, and let the statisticians too much. Supplies-paper card is a one-time, supplies, and Clipper inside the band to replace the cumbersome. Overall evaluation: second generation, outdated products magnetic stripe card attendance machine use Description: we sponsor a piece of magnetic card, and from the magnetic card insert in attendance machine, or across, complete with punch. Advantages: speed, recognition rate high. Note: management — easy to implement employee instead of a punch, who often have more than one other colleague of magnetic card, first came to the company, to help you out. Use the up-cards must carry, never left at home or lost. Neck hung a magnetic card, "they feel very white collar, it now seems a bit silly." Statistics — such as a statistics software help, do not care about the authenticity of the card still convenient. statistics Consumables – a holiday, there are always several lost card. Card is lost, do not matter. Overall evaluation: the third generation of products, ruggedized use Description: to work for first thing, fingers press attendance machine fingerprint collector. Does not recognize my press, press, press, furious to find personnel, get a password, HA HA, after the password tell others, I will not fear overslept. Benefits: a certain degree prevent the generation of high-end punch, products, helps plastic construction company for rigorous and comprehensive image. Note: management — be sure to note that the entire fingerprint attendance machine industryare present recognition rate, because the weather is dry, age bias, finger molt without recognition of human minds! best fingerprint attendance machine, there will always be people who do not recognize. Now the solution is to enter a password with punch people, so the generation time cannot really stop. Use — preventing generation time won't make people angry, if repeated, on time can not be maddeningly, complained, purchaser but need endurance (again). General Statistics-Statistical software, complete with detailed inquiries software functionality, or big trouble. Consumables – some products of the fingerprint sensor is easily damaged. Be sure to ask the investigation clearly. Overall evaluation: vulnerability product fourth-generation, 100% attendance machine use Description: go to work, fingers press attendance machine fingerprint sensor. Once you do not recognize, press another key video and hear his name. Complete, leave. Advantages: this class attendance machine compatible fingerprint, facial recognition, video voice application. Achieve 100% recognition, clock-out smoothly with dignity. Overall, the company solemn deep and employees have a sense of glory. Note: management — eradicate generation time. But the price is relatively high. Use — no personnel supervision, the staff has to be trust. Fast and smooth. Statistics — fourth generation software usually have specialized software company making, drawing on the experience of three generations before. Would greatly reduce the workload on statistical staff. Consumables – optical sampling head, zero supplies. Overall evaluation: a solution to the problem of product

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