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【School】 projector weak routine maintenance a few tips】..

<br> projector for everyday use several techniques to maintain <BR> projector is a precision electronic products, it is a mechanical, liquid crystal or DMD, electronic circuit technology, and in the course of the projector is more delicate, often .accidentally, various kinds of surprises. .Having said that, but if used properly in everyday words, if a little with normal maintenance, then the projector will not be so prone to failure or problems. .Here we use from the projector and the projector to a simple routine maintenance these two points to talk about how to maintain and use the projector. .First, let us look at the projector for daily use in the areas requiring attention: 1. Mechanically prevent the strong collision, compression and vibration due to earthquake can cause the displacement of liquid crystal film, when the three of LCD projection convergence, there .RGB colors do not overlap phenomenon, and the optical system of lenses, mirrors, distortion or damage will affect the image projection, and the zoom lens will track the impact of damage caused by the lens stuck, or even rupture of the lens can not be used. .2. Note that use of the environment of the dust and air cooling our polysilicon LCD panels currently in use to only 1.3 inches, or even only 0.9 inches, and the resolution reached 1024X768 or 800X600, means that each pixel is only 0.02mm, the dust .granular enough to block it. .And because the full heat projector LCD panels generally have a dedicated fan to tens of liters of air per minute, its flow of air cooling, high-speed airflow through the filter network may also entrainment of tiny dust particles after they generate static electricity and friction with each other .adsorbed on the cooling system, which will affect the projection screen. .Therefore, the projector is very important to use dust-proof environment, must be non-smoking, is more easily absorbed by dust particles in the optical system. .Therefore, frequent or regular cleaning to the inlet of the filter network. .The current polysilicon LCD panels are more afraid of high temperature, the newer models are equipped with the LCD panel near the temperature sensor, when the air inlet and filter network is blocked, poor airflow, the projector will rapidly increase the temperature, which .alarm when the temperature sensor will immediately cut off the light source circuit. .Therefore, to maintain the smooth flow of air inlet, in a timely manner is necessary to clean the filter. .Ceiling mounted projectors, to ensure that the upper space of the room ventilation. .When lifting the projector, it is often only pay attention to the surroundings and forget the problem of rising hot air in the work of the projector on the ceiling, the ambient temperature and the following are very different, therefore, can not ignore this. .3. Light source part of the present, most projectors use metal halide lamps (Metal Halide), in the light state, the voltage across the lamp is about 60-80V, the gas pressure inside the bulb is greater than 10kg/cm, there are thousands of temperature .degree, the filament in a semi-molten state. .Therefore, non-vibration mode in the boot, move the projector to prevent the light bulb burst, can not stop using it immediately after disconnecting the power, let the machine automatically after cooling down, power off the machine thermal state of damage is the most common projector .rework one of the reasons. .In addition, to reduce the number of lamp life switch useful. .4. The circuit part of the non-hot plug cables, signal source and the projector at the same time the best ground. .This is because the projector and the signal source (eg PC) connected to a different power, the two zero line may exist between the high potential difference. .When you hot plug signal line or other circuit will occur between the plug and socket sparking phenomena, damage to the signal input circuit, thus causing serious consequences. .Projector is in use, some users requested the signal source and a greater distance between the projector, such as the lifting of the projectors are generally more than 15 meters away from the signal source, then the appropriate signal cable must be extended. .This will cause the input of the projector signal attenuation, projection screen out of place or even fuzzy trailing jitter phenomenon. .This is not a projector malfunction, it will not damage the machine. .The best way to solve this problem is to install a signal after signal amplifier, signal transmission can be guaranteed more than 20 meters, but no problem. .Above the LCD projector as an example of the use of some of the main points of the projector, DLP projector with similar, but can work for longer than LCD captain, and the maintenance of CRT projector relatively small, since almost no moving, so .failure rate is relatively low. .But no matter what kind of projector failure, the user can not boot without inspection, the machine no user-serviceable parts, and the pressure inside the projector device is likely to cause serious bodily injury. .Therefore, not only to choose the right product purchase to find a good price, but also to choose the right business, find out the maintenance service calls, there are problems for professional advice, we will not have to worry about. .5. Most in need of cleaning - the projector lens Projector lens cleaner or not, will directly affect the projection screen, the clarity of the content encountered on the screen when the emergence of various circles, or spots, most of the dust on the projection lens "Draw ."the disaster. .At this point, you should use professional lens cleaning paper or other professional to clean the dust on the projector lens. .In dusty environments, frequently using the projector, you should regularly clean the projector lens. .Of course, the projector will work best to keep the environment clean. .Projector when not in use, keep the lens cover to cover, if it is not a long time the projector, the projector should be placed in specific projection package. .6. Most likely to ignore the - switch the order of the users are not familiar with the eyes of the projector, the projector like a regular TV, would like to open to open to closed, most are directly off the power. .As everyone knows, this operation is to use the projector's "taboo" because the projector in case of prolonged use of the opportunity seriously affected directly related to the life of the projector lamp. .Proper boot sequence: first the power button to turn on the projector, then press the Projector Lamp button on the control panel, until the flashing green lights to stop flashing, the boot to complete. .Proper shutdown sequence: first press the Lamp button when there really want to shut down the screen when prompted, and then click Lamp button, then the projector control panel started flashing green lights, cooling fan inside the projector until a complete stop, .green signal light stops flashing, then turn off the projector, disconnect the power. .In addition, every open, shut down between operations, the best guarantee for about 3 minutes interval, the purpose is to enable the projector to fully heat. .Open, shut down so frequently and easily lead to the projector or the projector bulb burst internal electrical components were damaged. .7. Most in need of attention - the power supply polarity when using the projector, it generally will look at the projector, and never pay attention to the projector using the power outlet. .Can not overlook the humble, "East", as it caused fatal injuries to give the projector. .As the projector has strict requirements on power standards, so the projector using the power outlet voltage must comply with the nominal value of the projector, but must request to be grounded electrical outlet. .Feel free to use the power outlet, there may not match the phenomenon of projection power, likely to cause the projector bulb burst occurred. .Especially the power outlet is not grounded, the hot plug plug plug ignition phenomenon may occur, easy to fire, and the components inside the projector, and is likely to be burned. .It also requires attention to two points: 1. To make use of the projector's power cord supplied, because the power line is specifically for the projector manufacturer power in accordance with the standard configuration; 2. Computer and projector to be connected to the same as far as possible .socket, so that can avoid the zero line between the two sockets potential difference exists in the input circuit of the projector impact. .8. Most in need of care - the projector projection system connected to the various accessories required for each connection, must be careful. .First, the need to use the accessories, all placed in the hand, commonly used accessories including signal control cable, power cable, VGA signal cable, remote control, video cable and converter with special features and so on. .Second, before the connection, be sure to position the projector placed well. .Placement, we should do two things: First, to ensure that the projector lens is on the screen to avoid distortion of the projector screen appears, the other thing is to adjust the projector on retractable legs, so that the projector screen is displayed on the projection screen .Central. .Third, the formal connection, it should distinguish between the projector connection panel on the use of the port to avoid the control line connection error. .Common port on the projector are: Console control port, AV port, S terminal, VGA signal ports. .Making the connection, it must be one correspondence between ports, for example, one end of the projector signal cable into the VGA port, then the other one will connect to the computer display output port. .Completion of the projector and turn on the projector connected, it needs to switch the good output. .Because the output of the projector There are three ways that you can hold down the Win logo key and the F5 key (with a laptop connected, you can press the Fn key and F8 key) to choose the appropriate screen output..

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