Friday, April 8, 2011

Weak current College】 【buy video conference system what factors to consider when】.

Video conferencing system is now used more widely, optional video conferencing products more and more, then our how to choose the right video conferencing system, let's briefly describes video conference system guide:
1. the system should be secure, stable, reliable operation
Real-time video system is a very strong system, while propagating information also has the very high demand, so in these secrets to organize meetings, secure, stable, reliable operation of the most basic requirement.
Security refers to the organizers of the meeting of the Conference have the highest administrative authority without the approval of the meeting organizer, any user will be logged, including system administrators, administrators can easily see any personnel participating in the meeting information, thereby ensuring that meeting information does leakage;
Stability is a Conference is a continuous process, the Conference has its own program, any intermediate disturbance will directly affect the quality of the Conference, so called video system should have high stability in order to guarantee full Conference;
Reliable means the system is a complex multimedia, intermediate technical level range has a large number of management, combined with the enormous space span, remote, including equipment and personnel to operate using easily manage and control, so the system anti-interference ability and incitement Kang equity between lame sword Commission investigation into climbing gear to tranche V A?
2. the system should have excellent quality
Impact Conference staff interest and attention of two factors: one is the environment to the extent of human vision, environmental infection can stimulate participation of emotions, or lecture with passion, or lecture with enthusiasm; another is the sound level of attracting good quality voice can increase participation in the Conference staff, or speech seriously, or listen carefully. But video conferencing with traditional face-to-face meetings is essentially the difference, to achieve the effect, in addition to the traditional meeting of the Conference room lighting, audio enhancement and related equipment quality, also require video system has a very high quality and guarantee that the image screen clear translucent, sound clarity clean spread to cause all persons participating in the meeting's attention to the purpose of the meeting.
A large amount of data that a person's overall attention 70% come from image to attract, 30% comes from sound, thus, enhance the image of fun and the voice of the beautiful nature, is a measure of the level of quality of video system. In order to strengthen the confidence of the speaker, improve their language, video system should be able to add multiple pictures at the same venue in the speaker before the eyes of many people jump in front of the lens, to inspire speaker's performance, and performance of its content. At the same time be able to add multiple pictures at the same venue in hearing, sight, provides fresh fun lenses, plus high-quality sound, we can grab the listener's attention, and the expulsion of the Conference for comprehensiveness of snooze.
3. the system should have the complete features
As the name implies, the video system is to provide video and audio services system, it is not only the tasks you want to have video conferencing, and more is to have other audio services; thus, it has video conferencing, video instruction, VOD, video broadcast or rebroadcast, remote TV on-demand, remote video phone, remote video surveillance, and other service functions is a real video system.
4. the system should have a strong environmental adaptability
Video systems are designed for long distance space requirements, data communication conditions determine the video system work is good or bad. Co-ordinate computer network resources, reasonable arrangement of resources use plan, is the performance of today's civilization, no sector or enterprise with a dedicated data channel for video system to provide services, visible video system construction is actually a way to "borrow" concept, it is built on the computer sharing network. Because video system requirements are strict, continuous and real-time data transfer, and in computer networks, data transmission is ever, for video system, on the one hand, require excellent voice tone, voice absolutely continuous, image more clear, no mosaic and anomalies; on the other hand require audio packets cannot be too large to guarantee that the data should be transmitted in real time, such as the relationship between the opposition and unity, to the video system offers high standards, so the video system on the computer network of adaptive capacity becomes extremely important, in addition to sophisticated technical means, of their own anti-jamming ability is strong than the General system, to meet peak network data transmission, particularly when encountering a virus interference, should absolutely guarantee small audio signal data real-time continuous priority transfers instead of large video signal data transfer can be continuous or discontinuous transmission packet loss, but need to have the related processing technology guarantees no mosaic and anomalies.
In addition, because the IP network and the rapid development of audio-video equipment, various access networks and devices driver layer out of the infinite, so the system adapts to a variety of network access and use of more audio and video equipment, as well as video system adaptation to the environment as an important indicator of ability.
5. the system should have a very good compatibility
Video system to have a good compatibility, in addition to its own version upgrade compatibility and product characteristics, the wandering and other brand products for audio signal interchange ability, can guarantee users not wasted the past use of imaging resource and the largest in the hands of the rationalized use of other brands product resources.
6. the system should facilitate the management and use
Video system is a shared platform, it should be a public, easy to use tool, not only for professional and technical personnel to use the system, so the system's ease of use is the product direction of development. At the same time, the system should provide a full range of management functions, not only in the foreground for conference management and data requests, but also in the background to the meeting and network data traffic management and monitoring, to be called a good video system products.

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