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【 Weak current College 】 decrypt data center security biometric technology 】

Data Center's IT equipment and infrastructure, as well as stored in the system data and information is very valuable. Therefore, for a body and the bodies of users, data center security is paramount.

Data Center's IT equipment and infrastructure, as well as stored in the system data and information is very valuable. Therefore, for a body and the bodies of users, data center security is paramount.

Although security concepts have been around for a long time, the implementation of security tools and methods as the technology development has continued to change. Biometric technology, enabling data center does not accept unauthorized access, ensure the security of the data center. Over the years, the use of biometric technology has been rising. In this article we will discuss about biometric technology basics, its data center protection applications, as well as its in this area of the latest trends.

Broadly speaking, the term biometric refers to the use of human physiological or unique characteristics, identify and authenticate a person. These differential range comparison fingerprints, facial morphology, DNA analysis, and speech recognition. Select a specific traits of the main criteria are: should all mankind can be found, and at the same time is something different. Of course there are some exceptions, in biosafety aspects also have special circumstances. For example, you may have others missing limbs, so no fingerprint analysis, or some people's eyes have cataracts, which makes them not suitable for eyes scan.

In a specific environment, use precise biometric method depends on several factors, such as: body size, the risk factor included, implementation costs, and so on. For example, a relatively small organization, you may need a standalone fingerprint reader, and a larger agencies will do better, will introduce advanced connection to the network's fingerprint reader, agencies can at the same time control on individual departments and building access.

Expert tips, to the end of next year, the world will invest nearly $ 6 billion for biological safety. This is of course a larger number than in the past have considerably improved. In fact, and the 2001 figures, an increase of 300%. Of course, these figures include Government and other areas of the private sector, not just the data center industry. However, this description in industry and Government departments, the biometric system using more and more, the data center industry is sure to follow this positive trend.

Traditionally, fingerprint recognition technology because of its low cost of implementation and a high degree of reliability, have been widely accepted. But there are other techniques, you can more easily, such as facial recognition, this technique can more effectively identify suspects in the crowd. This technique seems better suited to the crowded, being antisocial factors threatening the railway station or airport, but it has valuable data, information and infrastructure industry sector, is equally valid.

For example: it is possible to monitor the cameras installed in the data center within the sensitive area, the camera will automatically scan through these regional people's faces. These scans and there is currently no one should appear in the data center of the relative ratio of database information. The database can contain these people of biological information, such as the well known terrorists, but it can include specific personal data, these people may have in the past for one reason or another, has left the company, again it may be a danger signal. In this way security system with data center will not only be able to perform a positive authentication, but also to achieve passive surveillance.

Another first in Japan developed technology to determine personal hand vein pattern, not taking into account his/her fingerprint. Similarly, in the world-leading research institutions and organizations are research and development of various technologies.

There are two security context can be used by biometric systems, namely: physical access and logical access. Although the former are equally important, but in my view, the logical access need more control, it is clear that this is because the access point for variety and flexibility.

Here are a few and biometric technologies related to other issues such as privacy, human rights, and so on. Any implementation or installation security biometric systems data center should ensure that companies comply with all relevant international, national or regional law in force regulations.

Of course it is also important to note that although the Biosafety is very advanced, but it cannot be regarded as a very secure mechanism. In addition, a body of biological conditions collected together as a whole, can be very dangerous, because once the managers do not adhere to the principles, which make data falling into the wrong hands, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the available tools and technologies and other parameters of the balance, minimize in every possible way, of the data centre, maximum reliability.

Biometric technology's potential is enormous, people are studying it in many ways, it in general industry, particularly in the data center industry security application potential is unlimited. As the technology develops further, the biometric solution implementation costs will decrease, thus further, smaller institutions can take advantage of the latest technology. Ensure that the data center security and how to make data center running faster, more powerful is equally important. Only when data center technology growth and the growth of the security standards match the biometric technology in the data center industry can fully exploit its potential, and get more from your data center owners in respect of the eyes.

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