Friday, April 15, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 on refrigerator defrosting 】

Refrigerator in the refrigeration process, the inside moisture in the evaporator surface condenses cream layer. This layer of frost will impede the evaporator surface heat, thus affecting the refrigeration effect. Therefore, in a freezing room surface Frost layer reached around 5mm, defrosting, to ensure that the refrigerator has good refrigeration capacity.

Currently, there are many non-automatic defrost refrigerator defrosting using "semi-automatic", when the evaporator surface Frost layer reaches a certain thickness, the user pressed the defrost button, the compressor stops working, after some time, Frost layer will melt. When the evaporator surface temperature rises to 5 ¡æ, the compressor is restarted, the end of defrosting. This approach not only electricity, not economic, is not conducive to the preservation of food. Especially in winter, refrigerator temperature to rise slowly, making defrosting time extension, sometimes even up to several hours. In addition, the use of "semi-automatic" cream, frozen food often and indoor Frost melted together, affect the quality of food preservation. It uses artificial defrosting-refrigerator, generally should not be too much use of "semi-automatic" defrosting, sometimes available "manual defrosting" method of defrosting.

Manual defrosting: defrost when needed, the thermostat knob rotation to the "coolest" stalls and let the refrigerator running for 20 minutes or so, so that refrigerator foods with a lower temperature, and then pulled to the power plug, the box at the food as much as possible to put together (so might insulation). Open the refrigerator door, in the evaporator on a bowl of warm water, close the door, a few minutes and then repeat for water several times, until the ice off of large-area, and then gently Cork scoop shovel to remaining Frost, finally, with a clean towel to clean around. There is a refrigerator allows the use of hair dryer to freezing room or blowing hot air evaporator walls toshorten time of defrosting. Using this cream method has the following advantages:

1. the defrosting time is short. At the end of defrosting, food and the temperature inside the still relatively low, the power to work again, the refrigerator can soon reach a steady state, conducive to the preservation of food.

2. reliable work. You can freely defrosting end time, slowing down the formation of frost layer again.

3. clean the refrigerator. Manual defrosting of while cleaning work for refrigerators, refrigerators in favour of extending the service life.

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