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【 Weak current College 】 e-mail abbreviations 】

NO. abbreviations full explanation
10DoubleSpace hard disk compression data format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
20BPageMaker printer font format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
31cawf2zip manual UNIX page ¡½ ¡¼ Postfix source format
41 fax file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
5101-KEYKEYBOARD101 key enhanced keyboard
612-HOURCLOCK12 hours around the clock
715UPageMaker printer font format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
816BITPROCESSOR16 bits processor
916COLORBITMAP16 color bitmap
1016-BITCOLOR16 bit chroma (65,536 color)
1116-BITMACHINE16 bit computer
13186Intel80186 Intel Corporation launched in 8-bit microprocessor
141-D one-dimensional
151GL (FIRSTGENERATIONLANGUAGE) first generation language, machine language
161STREADME readme text file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
1724COLORBITMAP24 color bitmap
1824-HOURCLOCK24 hours around the clock
19256COLORBITMAP256 color bitmap
20286Intel80286 Intel Corporation launched in 1982, 16-bit microprocessor
21287 floating point for 286 matching coprocessor
222-D two-dimensional
232GL (SECONDGENERATIONLANGUAGE) second language, language
242-PSKTwo – LevelPhaseShiftKeying secondary phase shift keying
25301 fax file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
2632-BITCOLOR32-bit color
2732-BITCOMPUTER32 bit computer
2832-BITDRIVER32 bit driver
2932-BITOPERATINGSYSTEM32 bit operating system
3032-BITPROCESSOR32 bits processor
3132-BITRISC32-bit reduced instruction set computer
3235-INCHFLOPPYDISK35 inch floppy disks
33386 Intel processors drive format 80386 〖 suffix 〗
34387 386 matching floating point coprocessor
353COM3Com company 〖 〗 see TCC factory mark
363-D three-dimensional
373-DCAD three-dimensional computer-aided design
383DGA (3-DGRAPHICACCELERATOR) 3D graphics accelerator card (supply manufacturers including: Empire company, Ling company, Denver co, yingtai company, founded the company, a company, Union-com company, etc.)
393-DGRAPHIC 3D graphics
403-DMETAFILE 3-d metafile
413DSPACE three-dimensional space
423DSTUDIO three-dimensional animation
433-DVIEW three-dimensional views
443DA3DimensionArchitecture 3D architecture
453-DIMENSIONALCOMPUTERANIMATION three-dimensional computer animation
463DO3DO company (United States, the twentieth century, one of the top ten computer game company)
473-DOFMANIPULATOR three degrees of freedom manipulator
483-DOFROBOT three degrees of freedom robot
493DOF (THREEDEGREEOFFREEDOM) three degrees of freedom
503DS3DStudio animation the original graphic file suffix ¡½ ¡¼
513FXCorelChart results format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
523GL (THIRDGENERATIONLANGUAGE) third generation language
533GRWindowsVideoGrabber data file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
543T4Util3 binary files into the format of the United States standard code suffix ¡½ ¡¼
553ZS (THREEZEROSUBSTITUTIONALGORITHM) 301 replacement algorithm
56400HTTP server status codes: bad request
57401HTTP server status codes: no access
58402HTTP server status codes: not found
59403HTTP server status codes: payment required
60404HTTP server status codes: ultra vires errors
61486 Intel Corporation launched 80486 microprocessor chip, i486
1989N 62486DX Intel Corporation launched the 80486DX i486DX microprocessor chip, i.e.
63486SL Intel Corporation launched the 80486DX low-power microprocessor chip, i.e. the i486SL
64486SX Intel Corporation launched 1991 80486SX microprocessor chip, i.e. i486SX
654C $ 4Cast/2 data file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
664GL(FOURTHGENERATIONLANGUAGE) fourth generation language, description language
674THForthCMP fourth source code file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
685415 "I am a wild tiger": Chinese search engine (domain name)
69555 du whining, crying 〖 〗 Internet language
70586 Intel company in March 1993, the development of 32-bit microprocessor chip, after the official release for Pentium, Pentium "generation"
715DOF (FIVEDEGREEOFFREEDOM) five degrees of freedom
725X86 "Pentium" imitations, United States game Rui SI Corporation
7364-BITMACHINE64 bit computer
74669The669Composer's 8-channel music file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
756CMTritonFastTracker 6-channel module suffix music file format 〖 〗
766DOF (SIXDEGREEOFFREEDOM) six degrees of freedom
7775VenturaPublisher display font format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
7885VenturaPublisher display font format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
7991VenturaPublisher display font format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
8096VenturaPublisher display font format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
81AUnix library file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
82A Aida language source code file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
83AAddress address
84AAssembling compilation
85AAdder Adder
86AAccumulator accumulator
87AAnalog simulation
88AArea region
89AAuthorization authorization
90AAntenna antenna
91AAdministrator network administrators, network management
92AAsynchronism asynchronous
93AAmplitude amplitude, amplitude (degrees)
94AAmpere amps
95A & RAssemblyandRepair Assembly and repair
96A/BAccessBeyond exceeding the scope of access, beyond access
97A/DAlter/change/display Display
98A/DAnalog – Digital analog-digital
99A/D (hybridsignaltransmission) analog and digital signal transmission of mixed
100A/MAgent/Manager Agent/Manager
101A MAuto/Manual/automatic/manual
102A/N/KAlphabetic, Numeric, orKatakanacharacters letters, numbers or Japanese katakana characters
103A/RAlternateRoute alternate routing
104A/TActionTime running time, working time
105A/VAudio/Video audio/video
106A/VPAudio/VideoPanel audio video Panel
107A11 information and image management Association of graphic image file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
108A3IAmericanAssociationforArtificialIntelligence United States Association for artificial intelligence
109A5CommunicationAutomation (CA), OfficeAutomation (OA), BuildingManagementAutomation (BA), FireAutomation (SA), andSafetyAutomation (SA) for intelligent building automation concepts of the 5: communication automation, Office Automation, building management automation, fire-fighting automation, security automation
110AAAmen: theAwakening the Amen: the Awakening "game name ¡½ ¡¼
111AAAccessArm head arm, the access arm
112AAartificialantenna simulation antenna
113AAAccessAgent access proxy
114AAAccessAuthority access
115AAAbsoluteAddress absolute address
116AAArrangeAll arrange all
117AAAntennaArray antenna array
118AAAudibleAlarm sound alarm
119AAActiveAddressing proactively addressing
120AAAutomaticAlarm (Alert) auto-alarm
121AAAutoArrange autoflow
122AAAuto (matic), auto-Answer
123AAAutomaticAnswering autoresponder
124AAAutoAttendant automatic telephone exchange
125AAAAdvancedApplicationArchitecture advanced application architecture
126AAAAmericanAccountiNgAssociation United States accounting Association
127AAAAmericanAssociationforArtificialintelligence United States Association for artificial intelligence
128AAAanytime, anyplace, anywhere, any time, any place, any directions the words ¡½ ¡¼ network
129AAAAdaptiveAntennaArrays Adaptive antenna arrays
130AAACAutomaticAnsweringAutomaticCalling autoresponder automatically call
131AAAIAmericanAssociationforArtificialIntelligence United States Association for artificial intelligence
132AAASAmericanAssociationfortheAdvancementofScience United States Association for the advancement of science, the United States scientific development association
133AAASAmericanAcademyofArtsandScience United States Institute of science and technology
134AABAll – to – the Omni-directional free broadcasting AllBroadcast
135AABAssignAorB selected registers A or B
136AABAutomaticAnswerBack autoresponder
137AACAscendAccessControl "escalating" company access controller name ¡½ ¡¼ software
138AACAbortAdvisoryChannel failed consultation channel
139AACAccessAdviceofCharge access fees notice, the access billing notification
140AACAdvancedAudioCode advanced audio code, increase the sound code 〖 〗 MPEG
141AACAcerAmericaCorp Acer United States companies (production workgroup server, monitor, etc.)
142AACActivityAddressCode activity address code, valid code
143AACAcousticalAbsorptionCoefficient auditory absorption coefficient
144AACAutomaticAreaControl automatic area control
145AACAutomaticAmplitudeControl automatic amplitude control
146AACAutomatandAutomaticControl Robotics and automation
147AACAdaptiveAntennaControl Adaptive antenna control
148AACCAmericanAutomaticControlCouncil United States automatic control Council
149AACCAutomaticApproachControlCoupler automatic approach control coupler ¡½ ¡¼ aviation
150AACDAmericanAssociationforCounselingandDevelopment United States consulting and Development Association
151AACRAnglo AmericanCatalogingRules Anglo-American cataloguing rules-
152AACSAdvancedAutomaticCompilationSystem advanced automatic build system
153AACSAsynchronousAddressCommunicationSystem asynchronous e-communication system
154AADAbbreviatedAddressDialing simplified address dial-up, 1 dial-up
155AADCAdvancedAvionicsDigitalComputer advanced aviation digital computer
156AADCAdvancedAirborneDigitalComputer advanced onboard digital computer
157AADCAllApplicationDigitalComputer full application of the digital computer, universal digital computer
158AAEAmericanAssociationofEngineers United States engineers
159AAEAutomaticAnsweringEquipment autoresponder equipment
160AAFA – AddressableFF addressable triggers A register
161AAFCSAntiAircraftFire – ControlSystem anti-aircraft fire control system
162AAGMCAntiaircraftArtilleryandGuidedMissileCenter anti-aircraft guns and air defense missile Center
United States company 163AAIAIWAAmericaInc aihua (producer of storage devices)
Automatic anti-jamming circuit 164AAJACAutomaticAntiJAmCircuit
165AALAbsoluteAssemblyLanguage absolute Assembly language
166AALATMAdaptionLayer asynchronous transfer mode adaptation layer, ATM adaptation layer
167AAMAsymmetricalAmplitudeModulation asymmetryAmplitude modulation
168AAMEAmericanAssociationofMicroprocessorEngineers United States microprocessor engineers
169AANAllAreaNetworking global networking
170AAPApolloApplicationsProgram Apollo applications
171AAPAddressAllocationPlan address assignments
172AAPAnti – AirProcessingProgram air handler
173AAPAnalystAssistanceProgram analyst assistance program
174AAPAttachedApplicationProcessor additional application processor
175AAPAssociationofAmericanPublishers United States Publishers Association
176AAPAssociativeArrayProcessor associative array processor
177AAPSAmericanAssociationforthePromotionofScience United States Association for the advancement of science
178AARAutomaticAddressRecognition automatic address recognition
179AARPAppleTalkAddressResolutionProtocolAppleTalk address identification procedures
180AARPAppleTalkAddressRequestProtocolAppleTalk address request protocol
181AARSAutomaticAddressRecognitionSystem automatic address recognition system
182AARSAutomaticAddressRecognitionSubsystem automatic address recognition subsystem
183AASAttendanceAccountingSubsystem attendance accounting subsystem
184AASAdvancedAntennaSystem advanced antenna systems
185AASAdvancedAutomationSystem advanced automation system
186AASAirborneAntennaSystem on-board antenna system
187AASAmericanAcademyofScience United States National Academy of Sciences
United States Institute of Astronautics 188AASAmericanAstronauticalSociety
189AASAdvancedAdministrativeSystem advanced management system, advanced management system
190AASAutomaticAnnouncementSubsystem automatic notification subsystem
191AASAutomaticAddressingSystem automatic addressing system
192AASAutomaticAudioSwitchingSystem automatic audio switching system
193AASCANSIAccreditedStandardsCommittee United States National Bureau accredited Standards Committee
194AASPAdvancedAcousticSignalProcessor advanced audio signal processor
195AASRAirportandAirwaysSurveillanceRadar airport and air route surveillance radar
196AASWAmericanAssociationofScientificWorkers United States Science Workers Association
197AATAverageAccessTime average access time
198AATAutomaticAntennaTimer automatic antenna timer
199AATAutomaticAnswerTrunk autoresponder relay
200AAUAutomaticAddressingUnit automatic addressing device
201AAUAutomaticAnsweringUnit autoresponder system
202AAVCSAutomaticAircraftVectoringControlSystem aircraft automatic boot control system
203AAVDAutomaticAlternateVoice/Data automatic voice/data alternately
204AAVSAutomaticAircraftVectoringSystem aircraft automatically boot system
205AAVSAdaptiveAudio – VisualSession Adaptive audiovisual Conference
206AAWSAutomaticAttackWarningSystem RAID alarm system
207ABAddressBase address library
208ABAddressBus address bus
209ABAvailableByte bytes available, effective bytes
Cumulative 210ABAccumulate – Buffer buffer technology 〖 3D 〖culture〗
211ABAverageBrightness average brightness 〖 voteShadow Analyzer 〗
212ABArtificialBrain artificial intelligence
213ABAlgorithmBase algorithm library
214ABAudioBandwidth audio bandwidth
215ABApplicationBroker application software agents, agent
216ABArithmeticBus arithmetic bus
217ABAutomaticBackup automatic backup
218AB6ABStat data file format suffix ¡½ ¡¼
219ABAAmericanBooksellersAssociation United States Booksellers Association
220ABACUSAutomaticBatchAnalysisComputerforUnstructuredStatistics non-system statistics automatically batch analysis computer
221ABACUSABAtomenergiComputerizedUser – orientedServices user-oriented computer information service system (from Sweden's Royal Institute of technology and development company ABAtomenergi)
222ABACUSAutomaticBlock – schematicAdvancedControlUser – orientedSystem user-oriented graphic advanced control system automatically
223ABBAddressBusBuffer address bus buffer
224ABBAutomaticBackBias automatic back-bias voltage
225ABCAustralianBroadcastingCorporation Australia broadcasting company
226ABCAustralianBroadcastingCommission Australia Broadcasting Commission
227ABCAddressBusControl address bus control
228ABCApproachByConcept concept of information retrieval system (development by the United States HDL companies)
229ABCAmericanBroadcastingCompany United States Broadcasting Corporation
United States-book catalog Center 230ABCAmericanBibliographicalCenter
231ABCAnalogBasebandCombiner analog baseband compositor
232ABCAverageBenchmarkCapacity average baseline capacity
233ABCAirBroadCast wireless broadcasting
234ABCAutomaticBackgroundControl automatic background control
235ABCAutomaticBandwidthControl automatic bandwidth control
236ABCAutomaticBassCompensation automatic bass compensation
237ABCAutomaticBinaryComputer automatic binary computer
238ABCAutoBillCalling automatic billing call
239ABCAutomaticBrightnessControl automatic brightness control
240ABCAutomaticBiasCompensation auto bias voltage compensation
241ABCAutomaticBiasControl auto bias control
242ABCAAmericanBusinessCommunicationAssociation United States business communications Association
243ABCCAutomaticBrightnessContrastControl automatic brightness contrast control
244ABCNAsiaBroadcastingandCommunicationsNetwork Asian broadcasting communication network
245ABCSAutomaticBroadcastControlSystem automatically broadcast control system
246ABCSAutomaticBaseCommunicationSystem automatic base communication system
247ABDABbreviatedDialing simplified dialing, 1 dial-up
248ABDAlgorithmBaseDictionary algorithm library dictionary
Block diagram of 249ABDArchitectureBlockDiagram architecture, architecture block diagram
250ABDFACABbreviatedDialingFacility simplified dialing devices, 1 dial-up equipment

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