Sunday, April 3, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 small active selection and design of the cold room 】

(Activities of cold storage, also known as prefabricated cold storage, assembly-type cold storage, modular cold storage)

Activities cold storage, usually two Interior and exterior, its selection criteria are as follows:

1. cold storage, the ambient temperature and humidity: temperature is + 35 ℃; relative humidity is 80%.
2. the freezer set temperature within: L-refrigerator: + 5 ~ -5 ° c; D-cold storage:-5 ~ -20 ° c; J-cold storage: -25 ° c
3. in cold food cold storage temperature: L-level: + 30 ° c; d, J-cold storage: + 15 ° c.
4. activities of the cold storage of heap cargo effective volume for the nominal volume of 69%, the storage of fruits and vegetables is then multiplied by the correction factor for 0.8.
5. the daily purchase of col
d storage effective volume of 8 to 10%. II cold storage , activities of libraries: General to spray color steel plate do Panel, rigid polyurethane foam or high density polystyrene thermal insulation materials, library doing body has good rigidity and high strength, good insulation properties, fire retardant and other features. Small activities freezer library volume generally use siding internal embedded parts eccentric hook connection or foam-in-; good sealing, Assembly, disassembly and transportation convenient on-site construction and installation engineering quantity is small, the province work effort, good quality and quick. Small activities freezer matching advanced refrigeration units, storage capacity and refrigeration equipment matching whole, cooling speed, saving energy, and full automation, operational safety and reliability. Widely applicable small active cold storage, refrigeration storage temperature range 5 ° c library--23 ° c, special events, cold storage of up to-30 ° c, could meet the demand of different uses, suitable for a variety of industry sectors. III design of cold storage for small activities: cold storage library is 0 ° temperature (-16) mini-activities on the ground of cold storage requirements (Library Board) located 10 # Channel overhead, making them natural ventilation. P > refrigeration storage for small activities, cold storage temperature: 5 ~-25 ° c, cold storage library boards can be directly in contact with the ground, but the ground to flat. If you require high points, that can be placed in cold storage following Batten (Library Board production company provided free of charge, and the anti-corrosion treatment), overhead to enhance ventilation; or you can place the following in the freezer to enhanced ventilation channel.

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