Friday, April 15, 2011

Weak School】 【Application】 remote control float valve.

Application of remote control float valve <br> <BR> 1. Definition: A liquid level control valve, float valve control circuit using the opening and magnetic closures to control the main valve is opened and closed, so as to achieve set .level control valve. .2. Remote float group comprising the following components (along the flow direction): A. control valve (gate valve or butterfly valve); <BR> <BR> B. filter; C. remote control float valve. .<BR> <BR> Note: a. If the relatively clean medium when the main valve can be used within the system micro-filter tube instead of a pipe filter. .<BR> <BR> B. the installation site, the filter should remove the space. .3. When the life, production, fire water supply system of the pool (me) the nominal inlet diameter greater than or equal to 50mm, should set the remote control float valve. .4. Remote control float the nominal pipe diameter should be the same nominal diameter. .5. Remote control float valve should be set before the filter, the filter should meet the following requirements: A. filter material should have sufficient strength and rigidity, should be made of stainless steel and copper; filter orifice flow area of pipe cross-sectional area should be .1.5 to 2 times the number of holes should be 20 ~ 60 mesh. .B. should be easy to clean up. .6. Remote control float valve should be set in the pool or tank of water pipe, should the level of installation, the valve cover up. .The control catheter and float settings should meet the following requirements: A. Remote control of catheter float valve should be fully fixed in the pool or water tank, and control the total length of the catheter should be for more than 8cm, float center should be 1cm away from the outside or the water inlet .wave tube devices should be taken. .B. within the same pool or water tank above the water level above the overflow area should be destroyed to prevent pollution by backflow siphon phenomenon vent hole 10mm, hole centers and the overflow water level should meet the following requirements. .Overflow water from the vent center <BR> height (mm) 7. Remote control float valve outlet pipe in the pond or tank submerged flow approach should be adopted to reduce the flow noise. .Orifice should be less than the minimum water level, but from the pool or water tank should be not less than 50mm. .8. Remote control float valve installed next to the pool or tank walls. .9. Remote control float valve outlet for the metal tube or composite tube, inner tube in the tank or tank wall corrosion protection measures should be taken..

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