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【 Weak current College 】 reduce audio noise hard method 】

Reduce the audio noise hard method

Recordings finished with software on the human voice for noise reduction, soft method belongs to the following method is to reduce noise from the hardware, known as the hard way. After recording with CE, generally for noise reduction. But some users rely on too much for noise reduction. When it ignores recording on noise control. In fact, the noise control early in the sound recording is a very important thing. Because after the recording of the voice for noise reduction, regardless of how to deal with are affect sound quality. Noise reduction in performance, severe, listen to that voice of intermittent sense, also is to turn the friends say holes in the road feel. It seems old science fiction in the robot speech. Light and noise, the sound quality of damage is much smaller. But its details on the human impact of the performance should not be overlooked. In: the human voice is exquisite, wanna be tone sound field in the air are not strong, the singer atmosphere Foundation cannot fully reflected. Songs of the performance will be greatly diminished. Therefore, ensure quality, noise reduction is the more light, the better the sound quality without noise reduction is the best. But the actual recording. Do not input noise is not possible. So after the recording is to make noise. Since the noise reduction, the more light, the better the depth, you must set the recording input noise control to a minimum. The following talk about recording noise causes and treatments. 1. the causes of environmental noise and its treatment is usually online recording at home in the rooms, environmental noise is coming from the outside world the voice of noisy and automotive air conditioning, etc. Are unable to cancel. Only for noise. Family may not be as Studio acoustic decoration, General nor who would make a great investment and soundproof facilities. Feasible is: mouthguards, pull up the curtain, indoors as much as some items are placed to absorb the wall of sound reflection. Conditions can be surrounded by walls hung up flannel, and carpet. Turn off the sound of the Interior may be issued by the other machines. After the above processing, environmental noise is much smaller, the next step is to resolve noise from the computer itself. 2. computer noise handling computer noise mainly from built-in cooling fans, if your hardware has some ability, computer fans spin down. To reduce noise. But do not have the capacity of this DIY content can not see. Find the built-in CPU fan red line cut, string into a 500 ohm potentiometer of winding and fixed in a suitable place. Adjust the potentiometer, the fan speed minimum but touch CPU is hot on BIOS inside view the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. The other is the power supply fan, power supply, such as opening act conspiracy into 500 ohm potentiometer. Regulation to minimize noise and power outlet temperature not higher than 35 degrees Celsius. Also some boards and North Bridge and graphics card also has a fan, depending on the temperature conditions can also be done in the above address, or simply unplug their power. However, note that if the fan is the third line, remove the words might lead system when the system detects hardware fan speed is too low and beep, so if these small fan noise is not too large, you can not be processed. The above processing is not sure that hardware temperature, especially motherboard without CPU over-temperature protection, it is best not to move. Because we have a very effective way. The computer from the computer desk in moved to the outside with a cotton quilt will cover the whole computer host box, wrapped better; it is necessary to pay attention to the chassis air outlet, you cannot trap, to leave a scar, but cannot directly communicates with the outside world. Should try to hold a shelf in a outlet (hanger) makes the air along the quilts will heat indirectly to the outside. This trick is most obvious. In this way, you can control the environment noise and noise machine has no room to play. Environment that is your residence specific noise, in addition to engaging in professional sound facilities, you are powerless. Here to talk about how to reduce device hardware circuit noise by itself, this is the most difficult to overcome, we must do the following. 1. turn off the use of fluorescent lamp ballasts for the child. This is most easily radiates electromagnetic hot wave of an electrical appliance. Some shielding bad recording devices are particularly sensitive to it. 2. to say often change the receiver, particularly dynamic microphone, for most people, it is not an easy task. But dynamic microphone cables can still be good for some. Microphone line needs to have the good shielding, otherwise easily lead to "zi zi" or "beep" sound. How to tell good shielding? loosen the microphone plug to see the two lines. One root in the middle (multiple unit a bunch), known as the core wire; another is called a screen (which is also a multiple unit) evenly distributed around the core, like surrounded the core wire. The more intensive the siege, the shielding effect is better (less noise). Some microphone cable shielding layer is very thin or no shield, this recording is easy to produce Michelle hum or zi zi static noise. This line must be replaced. And use the most common computer Jimmy, microphone and cable, earphone is one, to swap will work together. Its the most headache is not a sound quality and noise, because of its sensitivity is too high, it is easy to integrate environmental noise input, this depends on your previous how noise control. The following 3-, 4-point effect not obvious, scared of the trouble of watching. 3. do not use off line UPS to the computer power supply, also do not use ordinary regulator, because the regulator is the use of relay often switch transformer windings to meet broadly stable voltage purposes, when the switch is easy to generate noise into the recording. 4. conditional can use coarse wire will computer chassis ground to reduce electrostatic and electromagnetic noise. By: long 0.5-1 m of iron or steel dived into the mud, and then wire associate it with a computer connected to the chassis. And often sprinkled on the ground, some water to keep it moist ground. If you don't live in a House, it is free, please do not add on a public lightning ground wire. Finally talk about recording the anti-noise issues. 1. shock. Circle of Jimmy recording usually seated in the microphone stand, and the microphone stand is not shock, it directly with a microphone and building contacts, it is easy to put on the floor and building vibration incoming microphone, noise is more obvious. If there is no shock frame, you should take the following measures: softCotton soft package microphones handheld Department then fixed on the microphone stand. Microphone stand with feet or on soft material gaskets (free quilt piece or thick cotton). Practice shows that the effect is pretty good. If it is a handheld microphone singing microphone and friction between the hands and hand shaking is also easy to introduce noise. You can also use the cotton wrap after smaller handheld, noise. 2. proper control of the receiver and the distance from the mouth. Some friends over at recording, recurring injection Jimmy phenomenon, this is the microphone angle and distance not appropriate. The distance between the microphone and mouth should be controlled at about 8-10CM. Microphone aside from first-class should face diagonally (45 degrees) at the mouth, but do not allow spray directly into the microphone airflow first-class. Doing so will damage some treble and recording volume relatively smaller, so the TX-255 microphone amplifier design and high-gain high motivation.

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