Friday, April 8, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 e-mail ticket system overview 】

System Overview:
In an era of high-speed development of information, tickets for the electronic management is strengthened scenic meetings management, improve the management efficiency of an important means. Traditional tickets easily forged, easy replication and favor release, a change in revenue orchards cause serious loss of tickets, it is difficult to form a visitor access Park computer statistics, management, and other ills. The electronic ticket management will greatly enhance the tourism law, standardized and overall management of information technology, and promote the industrial structure, helping to improve the investment environment, increasing openness to the outside.

Many occasions in life requires the use of a variety of ticket (such as various scenic railway, road, maritime industries pay ticket), the traditional booking and ticketing management are to hand jobs, resulting in some specific peak hours, the dramatic increase in ticket sales personnel's labor intensity, productivity, and managers can no longer be accurate statistics to scientific and rational arrangement ticket sales staff, the end result is the cause of customer complaints.

High efficiency, low cost is the barcode technology in ticketing management system application features, combined with its own area of the bar code of advanced technology and products, using bar code technology to realize various ticket creation and automation management, so that the user really cumbersome manual ticket's farewell, low efficiency.

This system uses advanced electronic barcode producer identification technology and computer ticketing information management with identity management modernization, integration, real-time information, security and reliability features of the accounting of tightness. The traditional manual ticket work electronically, while enabling the ticketing management work towards a comprehensive automation and standardization, able to fundamentally resolve the ticket queries, ticketing status of labor intensity, enhance the ticket management efficiency and quality of customer service.

Bar code:
The barcode is by far the most economical, practical for an automated identification technology. The barcode technology has the following advantages: A. input speed: compared with keyboard input, bar code entry is 5 times the keyboard input, and enables instant data input ".
B £ ® high reliability: keyboard input data error rate of three per cent, using optical character recognition technology error rate for one, and bit error rate of less than a millionth of a bar code technology.
C £ ® collection informative: use traditional one-dimensional bar code once to capture information on dozens of characters, and 2-dimensional barcode can carry thousands of characters, and have automatic error correction capability.
D £ ® flexible utility: barcode labeling as a recognized means alone or with the identification devices to form a system of automatic recognition, and other control devices connected to automation of management.

System basic structure:
Bar code ticket card;
Barcode reading card devices (barcode printer or laser platforms);
Bar code ticket channel three-roll gate management machine (with bar code scanners/turnstile \ control host);
Electronic ticket application management software JT8.0 (barcode version);
Booking tickets for the PC, PC, report to the printer.

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