Monday, April 25, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 influence LED light strip price causes 】

1. led lamp with use of chip: chip has domestic and Taiwan chip, chip (including United States Japan chip, chip, Germany chip, etc.). Chip, the price difference is very big. The most expensive is the United States chip, followed by Japan and Germany chip, affordable is Taiwan chip. Specifically what chip? what do you want to achieve? purchase before you know it. Others light used chip is CREE we can think about how much the price will be expensive. So now our products are primarily used in the lighting field, are rarely used in decoration.

2. led packaging: resin encapsulated and silicone encapsulation. Resin package prices are cheaper because the cooling performance is marginal, the other is the same. Silicone encapsulated thermal performance is good, so the price is slightly expensive resin encapsulated.

3. LED color consistency: at present, there are a lot of packaging factory, contradicting also have thousands, of course, is a strength of the strong or weak. There are many small packaging plant in the absence of light color separations, and therefore either not beam separations or outward so it will be hard for quality assurance. Not been LED by separations, its color consistency is poor, LED lamp with light after the effect is not so good, of course, the price difference is relatively large.

4. LED welding effect: led lamp belt assembly machine by hand soldering and welding of two, manual welding with a soldering iron, using the most original way of welding. Such practices out of product a is the appearance of ugly (spot size is inconsistent, flux residues, solder joints are not smooth, led package is hot bad, etc.), the second is the electrostatic protection measures is not good, a lot of LED chip is breakdown, leading to the emergence of micro-light up when powering on or off.

Welding machines, welding machine is used for soldering, reflow soldering products not only looks beautiful (spot size consistent, smooth solder flux residues, helplessness, led packaging intact), and will not show the chip is the phenomenon of electrostatic burned. At the same time, the LED position and direction are more beautiful. This can be seen directly on the skin.

5, FPC materials: FPC Division rolled copper and deposited copper deposited copper plate, relatively cheap, rolled copper more expensive. Deposited copper pads in bending easily fall off, but will not be rolled copper. Specific uses of material of FPC, look at purchasers themselves according to the use of the environment to make a decision.

There are no 6, FPC is environmental certification and UL certification? is there patents LED, etc. There are certified and have a patent, the price more expensive, the price is not cheap.

7, the brightness of the LED: a different brightness led prices, normal brightness and highlight a difference comparison of LED price disparity. Therefore, purchase of time must be clearly know that they need is what kind of brightness in order to accurately locate their products.

8, LED color: color, price is not the same. White, green, because color and light color separations difficult, so the price is higher than other colors price to high; the red, yellow, blue, colors with color separations easier, and better consistency, and slightly cheaper price. Special colours such as purple, Brown, etc. due to color, its price is the most expensive.

9, LED by size: the size of different specifications, the price of LED. If the LED 0603 and 1210 (3528) LED to the price difference is large; and 1210 and 5050 specifications LED prices comparable to a higher level.

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