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【 Weak current College 】 how to prolong battery life 】

Electric bike Kit is the lead acid battery, according to scientific proof, its average service life in a year and a half or so, but the actual life reached two years or three years and not uncommon, the reason we find: the life of the battery and electric consumer habits is very ordinary.
Based on the battery works, we recommend that the correct use of electric bicycles:
1. service charge: no matter how much road race, there are conditions, at any time to charge; try not to charge after power drain, etc;
2. good use: in start, uphill, and other cases should be supplemented by human power; eliminate overload;
3. understand the maintenance: conditions permit, other 2, and 3 months on charger performance once detection; new battery with 12 months later, the other battery every six months after an inspection and maintenance. What is a "battery repair and maintenance," the normal service life of the battery is around two years, its performance is with the use of time decay. The new battery in use after a certain period of time (usually a year or so), battery internal more or less a "cure" and "and" lack of water "and other faults, if unchecked, can cause the battery's capacity drops, at this point, if you use the" winter Bao "battery maintenance solution on battery maintenance, solve battery internal" curing "and" lack of water "and other faults, it can retard the battery capacity of decay, thus extending the battery life.
Performance good enough if battery electric vehicles, an electric ride distance in after 15 km, the battery capacity is already serious decay, or serious fault within already exist, consideration should be given to the restoration of the battery. Repair after the battery in the delivery of cycling distance should be in the 30 km. Why electric vehicle battery electric vehicle equipped with OPM is generally is maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, the charging and discharging process is a reversible chemical reaction process (chemical formula), its chemical reaction process, without the participation of boiling water. Under ideal conditions, this type of battery is not necessary to maintain, but because of battery production process and manage the use of environmental impact or restrictions, especially in hot areas, the battery usage time, internal produces "losing" phenomenon, the electrode is a concrete expression of curing, as the battery is charging: "fever" and "battery charger is not in power," "battery discharge time significantly reduced", seriously, the battery will appear "drum up" phenomenon that ultimately affect the normal use of the battery.
Therefore, the battery in use and a year later, in time for the battery to "maintenance" is very necessary. Maintenance work should be responsible for the manufacturers of specialty, or professional advice, which is based on the battery's actual situation, to join the dedicated "battery active agent" and other maintenance fluid (Note: be cautious and even not dilute sulfuric acid liquids), both to "water", and to prevent, mitigate or even eliminate the sulphur battery electrode, thus prolonging battery life. Charger work procedures and detection of charger normal work program is (the following parameters are to 36V 10AH battery group as an example): starting phase for the constant current charging around 1.5A; second stage into the constant pressure of around 44V recharge as charging, charging current becomes smaller; battery capacity reaches 90%, the charger should display the charging is completed, and the charging voltage is about "dump" 44V-41V around, then the charger to the low current 0.3A left and continue to manage the group "trickle charging" until the battery is completely adequate or users disconnect from the power supply. The whole overcharged, the charger automatically controlled intelligent chip.
Statistics show that a large part of battery are damaged or degraded, and charger charge performance of bad, other 2, and 3 months to conduct a test of charger is extremely necessary. New batteries and repair battery performance difference new battery: the battery manufacturer uses new raw materials, after rigorous product testing and "pairing" factory; under normal use, with an electric, you can travel by 30 km/h or more; the "three guarantees" service from batteries in the original manufacturer or vendor warranty provided; products normally for one year (the specific time commitment by manufacturers), warranty means that manufacturers provide "maintaining and replacing the battery", etc., some manufacturers according to the factory in stages provide different packages available.
Fix battery: the battery professional repair factory according to the actual situation of the old battery, adopted a different technology, battery repair and distribution group factory, under normal use, an electricity, can travel 15 kilometres or more; the "three guarantees" service by-manage the repair manufacturers, or vendors provide; package with a specific length of time commitments by the manufacturers warranty means that manufacturers provide "repair and replacing the battery".
Note: 1. the above called "repair battery", is a professional manufacturer of battery repair is responsible for the repair of the battery, and through the "Add super active agent" means maintenance of batteries are completely different.
2. the charging once travelled with the battery usage time gradually reduced. How to make electric cars ride distance farther electric vehicle length of qi line distance, and the electric motor of conversion efficiency, riders of the weight and the weight of the goods, the traffic (up or down), riders use habits and many other factors, in particular the consumer's habits, to a large extent, determine the length of the cycling distance, so if you have adequate power, at a time to ride longer distances, it is recommended that you adopt the following way: cycling
1. uphill or startup backed by human help line;
2. the design of electric vehicle carrying 75kg, therefore, try not to overload in use;
3. electric bicycle cycling economic speed as 20km, generally speaking, the power consumption when the speed is 25km at 2 times when 20km. Therefore, cycling speed go to should control 75% of the whole process, try not to "a go to the end", and thus the speed control on economic speed range. The second generation-manage the repair technology and the first generation of technology is the difference between aSo, the battery damage mainly have the following status:
1. battery internal plates on qian plaster coating particles;
2. battery internal short-circuit or severe self discharge
3. battery plates curing, or internal water loss, severe reduction of capacity
4. the battery internal plates and other mechanical fault.
From the information available to us we know: the first generation of battery repair technology, is the use of negative pulse and other physical means, and add "super active agent" and other chemical way, effectively fix the 3 case of battery failure, but in other cases on the above result in the failure is beyond repair; The second generation of rehabilitation technology, are based on new concepts, through corrosion repair, efficiency, stability and other different technological means to fix the above paragraphs 1, 2, 3, thus extending the battery life.
Numerous scientific knowledge tells us: after battery battery you want to achieve new, from the principle of performance is the impossible.

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