Wednesday, March 9, 2011

College weak basic common sense】 【】 inkjet printer..

<br> <BR> one, ink cartridges, ink cartridges, print heads, ink jet print head top term is the difference between the print head, ink jet printer is the main component; ink cartridge is used to store ink, and the print head and .together are referred to as cartridge ink cartridge (Note: one is the print head and ink cartridge boxes together, and the ink runs out, replace the entire cartridge. split the print head cartridge and ink cartridge is separate from the ink just exhausted .you can replace the ink cartridge, print costs low. Second, the integration of ink cartridges and split the difference between integration refers to the part of the cartridge color inkjet printer, the head (print head) and ink cartridges made of a whole, once the ink .exhausted, we must replace the entire cartridge. <BR> such series printer CANON BC-20 (BJC - 4000), BC-22E (BJC - 4000), BC-60 (BJC - 7000), etc., HP .products are more integrated structure is used; and split cartridge is separated from the nozzle and the ink cartridges, ink is running out to use as long as the replacement ink cartridge. For example S020089 (EPSON COLOR 800), S020108 (EPSON COLOR 800) and so on. .compared with each other, the benefits of integrated structure can be easily upgraded inkjet head, sub-structure has the advantage of relatively low cost of ink cartridges. Third, the characteristics of six-color printing technology that we know the output of high quality inkjet printer than the reason .the better mid-range, one important reason is that the relationship between the color ink. The printer output image is a colorful ink of different colors mixed together, the first by the CMY (three colors), with subsequent use CMYK ( .Green, blue, red, yellow, black) four-color composition. and then later in order to further enhance the ability to control the color, on the basis of the original four-color color added to the formation of the transition of two six-color printing. HP to increase the blue and TANSEI .light magenta, LEXMARK increase the orange and green. increased after six colors, one is able to mix the 32 different colors, so as to solve the shortage of four-color printer brought the level of color are not clear and the color is not enough natural color transition .shortcomings. In addition, since the technology is the added light, so it can transfer to more types of intermediate color printing even more outstanding. four, four re-tone technique is who first used the "Four color technology" is the first to use the company CANON ., which by controlling the drop of four concentrations (the concentration of cyan and magenta are diluted by a third, half diluted black, yellow, no dilution) change, and control the print head at some point the number of ink-jet ( .divided into 0 - 3 times, that does not spray, spray once, the second spray, spray three times), to produce four types of concentration methods to show any kind of subtle color changes color, any color can be expressed in the .between a minor scratch in the progressive nature of the limitations. This is the resolution enhancement of color inkjet printer in another typical application. We know that the concentration of fine color images need to reflect the change, but the traditional .the standard way of malpractices cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink to spray 100% paper, not well reflect the concentration., and a color inkjet printer on the print media, the reasons for the requirements of more demanding .Although the color inkjet printer with a good performance / price ratio, making it win the trust of many home users. but it should be recognized that it has many shortcomings, concentrated in three areas: First, the ink-jet printer .using a water-based ink, and therefore determines its specificity, in addition to the performance of the ink to the output quality, the print media used (paper) is also a great relationship. If the print media choice is not good, the ink jet to the media .will be saturated after, thus affecting the brightness of the color and clarity, so that the output of reach good results. Experimental results show that the vast majority of inkjet printers, the use of plain paper, even if the chosen mode of 720dpi * 720dpi inkjet .to print, or special paper 360dpi * 360dpi, and the effect is good. Even with an ordinary paper, different brands and even different batches of the same brand of paper, prints may have a larger difference. This is why high-end color inkjet printer .The main reason for special paper is more expensive, remember, 720dpi resolution and above, only changes in the special paper to achieve the "photo" class effect. This technological breakthrough of the past, simply use the resolution of the printer means to increase the print product .to get the best results. <BR>.

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