Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weak current College】 【RF engineer of specific work content】.

1. circuit system analysis, some communications equipment company project, RF engineers need to be responsible for the entire RF system circuit for system analysis, guidance system design specifications, allocation unit module specifications, standardized EMC design principles, made with attachment functionality and performance requirements, and so on; 2. Circuit design, including block diagram design and circuit design, RF engineer must have basic skills. This is by design of serves, and how to implement system design goal, and that is the purpose of circuit design, it is the device selection assessment of "cause", because the process of designing circuit is also a device selection process. 3 device selection and evaluation, in order to achieve the circuit indicators requirements, select the appropriate device is essential to this process actually and circuit design is at the same time. How to select the appropriate devices, in comparison, the same type of device in which a more appropriate design of our products? cost, performance, technology requirements, packaging, supplier quality, delivery, etc., are factors to be considered. 4. the software emulation, ADS, MWO, Ansoft HFSS or, anyway, CST, you should always be one or two simulation software for use. Simulation software will not let your design to achieve 100% accuracy, but will not allow you to deviate from the basic directions of design, at least they are qualitative simulation of regard is accurate. So we must learn to use one to two or more simulation software, its basic function is to allow you to qualitative analysis of your design, the error is always there, but it can strengthen your confidence. 5. PCB LAYOUT, the principle can be compared to the theoretical foundations, 000 applications could only a theory, there are also several products may have only one schematics, wiring as long as it's not the same, like mobile phones, with a cell phone plan many companies to design, schematic is the same, but different company cloth out of PCB, a look, a performance also have differences. Performance differences, in fact, the PCB LAYOUT differences. Meet the requirements of the PCB, its layout and wiring combine performance, features, technology, EMC, etc. Therefore, the PCB LAYOUT is also a very important skills. 6. Debug analysis, debugging and commissioning. Production debugging is mandatory, research and development product debugging will focus on identifying problems and resolve issues. Debugging is a summary and accumulation of experience, is not to say that accumulated through debugging, and debugging experience is accumulated by debugging design experience; many problems may at design time is not found, then the discovery through debugging, you know that in the future at design time how to avoid these problems, how to improve these problems. Debugging is also a theory of practice the most effective way, we can use the debugging process to qualitative understanding of theoretical knowledge. 7. test, test is for debugging, debugging a service is to provide design services (design for market services). RF engineer must be familiar with various RF test instruments, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal sources, oscilloscopes, power meter, noise coefficient measuring instrument, tester, etc. Does testing would be very difficult to effectively debug, cannot find the problem how to be improved? so don't underestimate the testing technique, in fact, looking at the RF foreign enterprises, real artists are from design to test technology, in the middle of reasons worthy of our consideration. 8. if available, your parents force parents to do more grassroots work, can own welding welding on your own, you cannot debug when someone in your stay to give you the edge for capacitance and inductance change? so don't grads are looked down upon, capable of welding's own welding.

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