Friday, March 18, 2011

Weak current College】 【electronic industry in English (7)】.

G tubes of grid and generator, Earth symbol
Gaincontrol gain adjustment
Gainfactor gain coefficients, magnified coefficient
Game shows, games
Gang coaxial, linked in, coaxial
Galvanometerrecorder optical amplitude cassette player
Gap gap, the gap
Gapalignment gap correction
Gapdepth gap depth
Gaplength gap width
Gaploss clearance loss
Gapwidth gap width
Gate gate, gate, threshold
Gauss Gaussian
Gemshorn synthesizer of a tone
General overall, General, General
Generator generator, oscillators, generator
Give to, given
Slide the sound device glidetone
Glidingfrequency slip frequency
Glissando playing audio, slip and slide
Glockenspiel Zhong Qin
GND ground, ground
Groundgong Gong
Grade level
Gradientmicrophone pressure differential microphone
Gram grams
Gramophone record player
Graph diagrams, graphs
Graphicdisplay graphics display
Graphicequalizer graphic equalizer, graphic equalizer
Grid grid, network
Grille Grill
Grillecloth speaker cloth
Groove recording line road
Ground grounding, and (potential)
Groundbus ground straps
Groundnoise background noise, background noise
Groundpotential ground potential
Group group, group
Guard protection
Guardband (tape) protection spacing
Guide belt column, guidance for
Guitar guitar, banjo
Gunmicrophone gun microphone, strong directional microphone

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