Sunday, March 27, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 touchscreen principle describes 】

With the use of computers as sources of information is increasing day by day, touch screen, with its easy-to-use, durable, reaction speed, space saving, etc., enables system designers increasingly feel the use of the touchscreen does have a considerable advantage. Touch screen appears in the Chinese market has been only a few short years, this new multimedia devices yet to come into contact with and understanding of many people, including some are planning to use the touch screen of the System Designer, you have the touch screen as optional equipment, from developed countries touch screen universal history and our multimedia information industry is at a stage, the idea also has a certain universality. In fact, the touch screen is a multimedia information or control of the device, it did give multimedia system with a new feature, is very attractive new multimedia interactive devices. Developed by system designers and our first to use touch-screen system designers have already clearly know that touch screen for various application areas of the computer is no longer the easy thing is essential equipment.   It greatly simplifies the use of computers, even those who know nothing about computers, also can come in handy, so that the computer presents a greater charm. Address public information market computer cannot resolve the problem. Touch screen is the main three categories: resistive technology touch screen, touch screen surface acoustic wave technology, capacitive touch screen technology. Each type of touch screen has its own advantages and disadvantages, to learn more about the touch screen for the occasion, the key is to understand each type of touch screen technology works and features. A, resistance technology touch screen resistive touch screen is a key section of the display surface resistance combined with very thin screen, this is one of the many layers of film, it with a layer of glass or rigid plastic plate as a grass-roots, surface has a layer oftransparent metal oxide (ITO Indium oxide, transparent conductive resistance) conductive layer, a layer of the roof surface hardening treatment, smooth and polished plastic layer, its inner surface is coated with a layer of ITO coating, among them there are many small (less than 1/1000 inch) transparent isolation points to two layers of conductive layer separates the insulation.   When the finger touch screen, two layers of conductive layer in touch point location will have a contact, the controller detects this contact and calculate the (X, Y) location, and then under simulated mouse operations. This is the resistance technology touch screen for the most basic principles. Resistive screen since entering the market, with stable quality, * quality and environmental adaptability to occupy the majority of the height of the market.   Especially in the industrial field, due to its environment and conditions of high demand, further demonstrates the uniqueness of resistive screen, so that its products in occupies similar touch product 90 per cent of the market, has become the mainstream products on the market. Its greatest features is not afraid of the greasy dirt, dust and water. G-Touch latest fourth generation resistance technology touch screen and other resistive screen products differ in: it to glass plate for grass-roots, causing higher transmittance, reflectance index is more applicable to the consumer. At the same time, even coating glass bottom of conductive layer to adsorption on the touch screen of electrostatic particle uninstall through the ground to ensure that the touch location more accurate, sensitive, completely remove excessive charged particle-induced drift phenomenon, positioning no, response is slow, making it longer (physical measurement of single points of continuous use of up to 15 years), and has a maintenance-free, anti-scratch degree has also been significantly improved.   It is an excellent quality and reasonable price. 1, four-wire resistivescreen characteristics: high resolution, high speed response.   Surface hardness processes to reduce the abrasion, scratches and chemical processing.   With a glossy and matte surface treatment. Once calibrated, the stability is high, and never drift. Four-wire resistive analog technology in two layers of transparent metal layers work in each of the layers are added a constant voltage: 5V vertical and one horizontal orientation.   A total of four cable.   2, 5-wire resistive screen characteristics: high resolution, high speed response.   Surface hardness, reduce abrasion, scratches and interview with chemical treatment.   The same point contact 3000 million are still available.   Conductive glass-substrate media. Once calibrated, the stability is high, and never drift.   Five-wire resistive analog technology to the two directions of voltage through the resistor networks added * in layers of metal layers, * both detection voltage and current methods of detecting measured touch point location, and the outer conductor layer only as ITO, a total of five cables.   2, surface acoustic wave technology touch screen surface acoustic wave technology is the use of sound waves in the body of surface transport, when the body touch the surface, preventing the transmission of sound waves, transducer detect this change reflected to the computer, and then make the mouse simulation.   Surface acoustic wave screen features: high definition, light transmission rate.   Highly durable, resistant to scratches of good.   Once correction not drift.   A responsive. Ideal for offices, authorities and the environment cleaner. Surface acoustic wave screen needs regular maintenance, because dust, greasy stain even drink liquid surface in screen, you are blocking the touchscreen surface of waveguide slot, so that the wave doesn't launch, or enable waveform changes controller does not recognize, thus affecting the normal use of the touch screen, users need strict attention to environmental health. Must always wipe the surface of the screen to keep the screen smooth, and periodically make a complete wipe. Third, the capacitor technology touch-screen used for current sensing in the body.   User touch screen, because the human body-field, users and touch-screen surface with a coupling capacitors, high-frequency current, capacitance is direct, so your finger from the conductor contact point sucked away a small electric current.   The current from the touchscreen of the four corners of the electrode, and through these four electrode electric current and the finger to the four corners of distance proportional to the controller through the four current accurate calculation of proportion, that the position of the touch point. Capacitive touch screen features: for most environmental pollutants have resistance.   Part of the human body become lines, bleachingMove in a more serious.   Does not work with gloves.   Need regular calibration. Does not apply to a metal cabinet. When outsiders inductance and magnetic induction, cause the failure of the touch screen.

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