Friday, March 18, 2011

College】 【weak cold storage refrigeration equipment in use in small】.

<br> small army reporter in this article we will explore the refrigeration equipment in cold storage, especially in small cold storage and refrigeration equipment in the use of mini-cold storage. .<BR> Refrigeration equipment is the heart of a small refrigerator, a very important effect of a small refrigerator to run the most critical condition is good or bad refrigeration equipment. .Small refrigerator refrigerator refrigeration equipment is the main body, which there are many, divided by ammonia refrigerant system cooling equipment and cooling equipment are two mechanisms of fluoride. .Some mechanism for cooling equipment is the variety of fluorine refrigerant generic models, advanced equipment and more use of fluoride mechanisms of cold on the environmental impact of refrigerant R22 and other new refrigerants. .Fluoride system cooling equipment generally small size, low noise, safe, reliable, high degree of automation for a wide range, suitable for rural small-scale cold storage refrigeration equipment. .The refrigerator with a small refrigerator condensers and other refrigeration equipment and often referred to together refrigeration units, water-cooled chiller units and air units are divided. .Small refrigerator in the preferred form of air-cooled unit, it has a simple, compact, easy to install, easy to operate, the advantages of fewer ancillary equipment, refrigeration equipment that is easier to see. .<BR> Refrigeration unit refrigeration equipment refrigerator is the heart of the common compression chillers with open, semi closed and fully closed the points. .Fully enclosed small compressor, low noise, low power consumption and high efficiency. .It is a small model of choice for refrigeration equipment cold storage, fully enclosed by the composition of the compressor-based air cooled unit, can be made as split air-conditioning, as in the form of equipment hanging on the wall. .<BR> Better on the market today closed refrigeration compressor to the developed countries of the refrigeration equipment imported or joint venture more reliable product quality, but the price is high compared to more than 50% of domestic affairs fund, small towns are more suitable for cold storage refrigeration .equipment. .<BR>.

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