Thursday, March 3, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 new refrigerator use problems 】

Many friends in the summer as a home to buy a new refrigerator, forums and many of my friends are asking, new refrigerator in use you need special attention?
After consultation with experts, can tell you is that new refrigerator in the use process does have some areas need special attention.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the fridge is reasonable, whether for refrigerator cooling. But you also need to check the power of family, whether or not ground, is a dedicated line.

Second, before use, the user must carefully read the instructions that came with the product, check the individual parts fridge. Power supply for use with the household refrigerator for 220V single phase AC power, 50Hz, normal working hours, voltage fluctuations allow 187-242V, if the volatility is very large or suddenly subsides, will affect the compressor to work correctly, even burnt compressor.

Third, the refrigerator should use single-phase three-hole socket, separate wiring. Protect the power cable insulation, no pressure wire, shall change or extension cord.

Fourth, after checking, the refrigerator should stand 2 to 6 hours after the post, so that the circuit failure (removal of the refrigerator). Power up listen compressor starts and runs the sound is good, whether there is a pipeline of mutual impact of sound, if the noise is too large, check the product is placed on whether each line is stable, and do the appropriate adjustments. If there is a large abnormal sound, cut off the power immediately and contact a professional repair.

Fifth, when you want to start using the unloading operation, because the new machine's moving parts have a running-in procedure. Running time plus a large number, it can prolong the life of the fridge.

Sixth, the first use of the refrigerator, store food can not be too much to leave adequate space to keep the cold air circulation to avoid refrigerators work long hours at fullload. Hot foods to cool to room temperature drying, then put in the fridge, so as to avoid long periods of time without downtime. Food preservation bags or use fresh paper sealed or put into a sealed container, prevents food from damp, water loss, conspiracy. Food with water to remove moisture back into to avoid large amounts of water evaporation and excessive Frost formation. Note that freezing room do not place liquid, glassware, and prevent frost. A volatile, flammable chemicals, corrosive acid-base materials do not, so as not to damage the refrigerator.

Members in the use process note above a few key points that your refrigerator is more durable

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