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Weak current College】 【power inverter basic common sense】.

<br> <br> In-car power inverter-related FAQ <br> First, power inverter common sense 1. What is a power inverter? <br> Power Inverter (on-board power supply) is a way to convert DC12V DC .and AC power supply AC220V, same for General Electric, is a convenient power converters. <br> 2. power inverter in domestic and foreign markets? <br> Power inverter in foreign markets has been generally welcomed. Abroad because of the high prevalence of .cars, out of the city in no occasion to work or travel you can connect with inverter driven automotive batteries, electrical appliances and power tools. <br> 3. why in domestic marketing this product? <br> China entered the WTO, domestic market .surging more and more, therefore, power inverter for use in automotive mobile DC variable AC power converter, will give you the convenience of life, and car owners must-have items. <br> 4. Power Inverter can only use in-vehicle system .? <br> Power Inverter not only applies to in-vehicle system, as long as there are DC12V power supply, can use the power inverter converts the DC12V AC220V AC, to your life easier. <br> 5. Power Inverter with high and .low alarm and shutdown function is the embodiment of? <br> Power Inverter with high and low voltage alarm and shutdown when the red LED light, and beep. <br> 6. Power Inverter on battery protection function? <br> Power inverter in .battery with battery, the battery voltage is reduced to 10V, power inverter automatically shut down in order to guarantee the car start correctly, the battery will not be damaged. <br> 7. Power Inverter how battery protection function? <br> Power inverter .is set by internal electronic circuit, automatic battery protection function. <br> 8. Power Inverter fault most prone to? how do I troubleshoot? <br> Power inverter, if there is downtime and alarming phenomenon, to check the following items: < .br> 1) driven by electrical power is more than the inverter power rating. <br> 2) power inverter and batteries and electric appliances is a good connection. <br> 3) using the process down, is the temperature alarm, stop for .a period of time may continue to use. <br> 9. how to use the power inverter? what considerations exist? <br> Use the power inverter power supply system to battery voltage value, and read the instruction carefully before use. <br .> Second, power inverter manufacturing process <br> 1. Power Inverter manufacturing in SMT technology, what is SMT process? <br> "SMT" called "automatic programming Mounter," and "patch" is in fact a resistor of a package. .Its high precision and small size, high degree of automatic processing, component welding good reliability, power inverter is achieved by SMT processing production of the product. <br> 2. What is a single chip? <br> All through the CPU microprocessors to .achieve a high and low voltage alarm, protection, and other parameters and function of the power inverter models called MCU type. <br> 3. What is a simulation of the machine? <br> Through the separation of components to achieve power inverter with .various parameters of the function model, called the Simulator. <br> 4. Power Inverter which performance characteristics? <br> Power inverter converts the DC12V 220V. It has the following features: <br> 1) input high voltage, low-voltage .alarm and protection. <br> 2) overload protection. <br> 3) instant impact 2 times the rated power. <br> 4) overload, short circuit protection. <br> 5. Power Inverter works? <br> By CPU .microprocessors implement PWM pulse, through high-frequency transformer 12V low voltage will become about DC voltage 300V. And then by CPU output 50 Hz AC drive signal, drive power switch. Through the power tubes of conduction conversion and achieve output RMS square wave forms of .average 220V AC voltage. <br> 6. power supply voltage of the inverter output is stable? <br> Power inverter output voltage feedback confirmation by itself makes voltage stability. Without load and rated voltage value is less than 10V. <br> 7 .. how to determine its stability in value to users is secure? <br> Power inverter to take full account of the external environment, in the event of overload or short circuit, power inverter protective shut-down automatically. <br> 8. power .inverter output frequency mean? what is its output frequency? <br> Power inverter output frequency refers to the periodic exchange of square wave output. Its frequency is 50 Hz. National standard is 50 Hz power supply. In General, the cycle to 20MS, .F 1 / T 50HZ. <br> 9. What is the continuous output power? <br> Continuous power means the power inverter in normal circumstances, can the power of continuous work. <br> 10. What is the peak output power? .<br> Peak power is the power inverter in Splash Instant affordable power, usually refers to the load on the motor type. When a startup because the start-up current is large and the formation of an instant-start power, known as peak power .output. <br> 11. Power Inverter of continuous output power and peak output power? <br> Sustained power and peak power, because of its expression. <br> Continuous load current value × 220 (AC voltage) <br> Start the .load 2 × power values <br> In General, electrical or electronic tools start load determines whether your power converter has the ability to drive it. <br> 12. What is inductive load? <br> Typically, a general load with inductive load .parameters, that is, consistent with the current advance voltage characteristics of load, become the inductive load. <br> 13. What is capacitive load? <br> General load with the load capacitor characteristics parameters, that is in line with voltage exceeding current .characteristics of the load, called capacitive load. <br> 14. with inductive load and capacitive load? <br> Load characteristics. First select a load must conform to the power inverter power rating. As long as they meet the power inverter use conditions .with capacitive and inductive load effect is the same. <br> 15. power inverter output waveform and output voltage 220V, what are the differences between them? <br> Power inverter output analog sine wave, but the city is a true sine wave. .<br> 16. power inverter output waveform is output 220V voltage values are the differences? <br> Power inverter output 220V voltage value and the value of the voltage. <br> 17. power inverter is only applicable to 11-15V input voltage .DC? <br> Power Inverter can only apply to 11V-15V input voltage DC. <br> 18. beyond or below the output values can apply and work? <br> Below the input values, power inverter produces low-voltage alarm, .please note that electricity load. When the input voltage is low, the power inverter automatically protected. Higher than the input value, the power inverter automatically protected when the input voltage is far greater than the damage the power inverter power components. <br> 19 .. how to understand the power inverter conversion efficiency? <br> Power inverter converts efficiency generally refers to output valid power and input of the ratio of total power. Can understand conversion efficiency higher the better. <br> 20. Power Inverter load current value .? <br> No-load current means power inverter without any electricity, its consumption. <br> 21. Power Inverter of the cooling fan is mainly played? <br> Power Inverter heat from the cooling fan main. Using the side panel fan .ventilation forming air convection, power inverter power components work in a safe temperature environment. <br> 3, power inverter using security <br> 1. the present power inverter which model? <br> Currently on the market there are the power inverter 150W ., 400W, 600W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 225W portable hand-held, 400W. <br> 2. how to choose the appropriate model? <br> Choose the power inverter can you live and work in use to select. .Such as: 150W power inverter can use a 29 inch TV set and a VCD. <br> 400W power inverter can use general electric tools. <br> 1000 Watt power inverter can be used to drive a small microwave ovens. <br> 3 .. Power Inverter uses the input power is available only from the vehicle stationary or running? <br> You can use the input power is derived from automobile running status, or rest. <br> 4. If the vehicle is stationary State, can I .use a power inverter to work? where the input power source available? <br> Car at rest, you can use a power inverter, driven appliances may be lower than the 150W directly from the cigarette lighter socket gets output power, higher than when you .want to use a dedicated 150W clips cable connects the car battery for power supply. <br> 5. how to determine the power inverter gets power you can use the time? <br> And power inverter matching batteries when generally the ampere (AH) .for electricity metering unit, such as the battery 80AH divided by the electrical power multiplied by 10 to the power inverter with electrical appliances in use. <br> For example, a television set 100 Watt <br> 80-100 Watt when ÷ × 10 .8 hours <br> 6. Power Inverter work surface temperature? is there a security risk? <br> Power Inverter at maximum power output, not higher than 70 ° c, does not have security implications. <br> 7. Power Inverter protective .device? <br> 1) temperature protection. Surface temperature above 70 ° c, automatic turn-off. <br> 2) high voltage protection. Input voltage 16V ± 0.5V <br> 3) low-voltage alarm. Input voltage 10.5 .V ± 0.5V <br> 4) low voltage protection. Input voltage 10V ¡ .à 0.5V <br>.

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