Thursday, March 3, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 battery main parameters 】

(1) dry cells key parameters
1) nominal voltage nominal voltage also called nominal voltage, the voltage of the battery.

2) dimension dimension refers to the diameter of a thousand battery, height, length, width and size.

3) discharge time battery discharge time refers to the provisions of the discharge, the battery's discharge of hours.

(2) coin battery for the main parameter

1) capacity represents the normal discharge of load conditions, the discharge current and time of the product. Unit is mAh (MA per hour).

2) discharge characteristics of coin-cell battery discharge characteristics is the coin-cell battery voltage change over time.

3) leakage resistance of coin-cell battery in the battery electrolyte, leakage to outside is called leakage and spills of good or bad, is the main parameters of the coin-cell battery.

4) self-discharge rate as the coin-cell battery internal chemical reactions that keeps the battery capacity reduction, says the self-discharge rate. Silver oxide battery self-discharge rate of annual loss of capacity of 5%-10%.

(3) the main parameters of the photovoltaic cells

1) open-circuit voltage U (OC) in the light of the conditions, high internal resistance of the DC Millivolt meter received two poles of the photovoltaic cells, then the measured voltage, open circuit voltage. General Silicon photocell with open-circuit voltage 450-600mV.

2) short-circuit current in light conditions, will be a low internal resistance of the ampere meter, received two extremely photovoltaic cells, then the current is measured as the short circuit current. Short circuit current and proportional to the intensity of light, and the battery of the area and the area affected by light.

3) conversion efficiency η per unit area of photovoltaic cells for maximum output power and vertical incidence to photovoltaic cells on the surface of the power of the incident light is called the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic cells. Silicon photovoltaic conversion efficiency is 6%-10%.

4) response speed response times is the photocell on mutation light reaction speed.

5) output characteristic photo output voltage, output current, output power with a load of features called photovoltaic output characteristics.

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