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【 Weak current College 】 Stadium Sports race timing and scoring system overview 】

1 Overview

Timing points system is the one responsible for various sports competitions technology support system front (venue) of the data collection and distribution of proprietary systems, it is responsible for all types of sports competition results and achievements in information acquisition and processing, transport, distribution, competition results data through dedicated technical interface (interface, Protocol) are transmitted to the referee, coach, computer information systems, TV and comment system, live large-screen display system, etc.

Due to the non-repetitive sports contests, determines the timing of score system is a real-time performance very strong, very high reliability requirements for computer technology as the core of the e-service system. Therefore, the timing points system itself is composed of separate collection, allocation, evaluation, displaying, publishing system, so that all information in real-time, accurate, fast and authoritative.
Timing device is the score sports competition in electronic equipment, timing points system design is reasonable, relationship to the entire sports system runs stable and reliable, and directly affect the entire sports games smoothly.

Timing points system is the sport competitions of important projects, is the key to success or failure of the contest, each individual sports competitions have corresponding specialized timing and scoring systems. These systems vary, but are individual results processing system-level data collection systems, in addition to providing computer performance processing system race data, you need to connect in some of the projects and other work on TV, the timing system is extremely high score required stability and reliability of work.

Our timing points system implementation, ultimately must be reported to the Director of the related project management Center for final confirmation, coordination on specific project timing equipment and field results score for dealing with the relationship between the interface and the timing of implementation of score system engineering technical supervision.

2 characteristics of timing points system:

2.1 unified planning and centralized management

Timing points information system is a large, functional requirements strictly, an extensive response to the various departments of systems engineering. The system of information exchange frequent, data-processing complex subsystems and no uniform technical standards, therefore, the internal interface of the variety and occupy a considerable amount of system development. Must achieve the unified planning, centralized management, the technical force and decentralized funds, reduce unnecessary multiport coordination and technical overlap and ensure an efficient and reliable system.

As a sports contest is a non-recurring special industry activity, at the same time, the quality of the information project depends on the construction site by the project characteristics, comprehensive understanding of the depth of understanding. Therefore, in a contract project should first choose to sporting competition, large games have a deep understanding and made appropriate engineering units of the company and to implement in order to effectively guarantee the investment and the system has high adaptability and reliability in order to obtain a higher success rate.

2.2 pipe room reservation

Comprehensive sports information system is based on electronic technology, computer technology and communication technology as the core of highly automated and efficient sports race information service system, is a large-scale comprehensive sports organizations in the management of an important component of host city or area specific embodiment of comprehensive strength. At the same time also is complex, a huge project, the system has a broad, branch number, more frequent cross-modify, adapt, long construction period.

The venue construction period, should be reserved for scoring engine, radio and TV combined zones; be integrated information management system, display the control room, swimming pool, jumping, competition venues, arbitration recording system of pipe channel.

In the stadium field should be set to several signal well, connecting pipeline and corresponding power supply;

Diving in swimming pool play and end camera settings pipeline reserved;

Set timings in the spectacular venues reserved score pipeline;

In the gym area around set several information outlets and timed scoring pipeline is reserved.
3 timing points system main features

Timing points system is based on competition rules on competition in performance information collection, data processing, monitoring, quantitative processing, display published work process, timing and recording (on), measurement, display, transmission components, the system should meet the following features:

1), the composition of the system must meet the functional and rational, constitute a rigorous programme.

2), the system should have good user interface and system connection interface, and a backup security measures.

3), the system immediately and accurately complete event information collection, processing and delivery, to preserve the original performance data.

4), requires most of the events on the arranging using automated systems, reducing manual intervention.

5), the system should have completed a variety of events, onsite competition results or results information display.

6), the system should have the venue display, live scores, TV standard interface capabilities.

7), the system should have the contest scene environment conditions of adaptive capacity, and to other system provides timing points system-allocated transmission capacity of performance information

Each campaign item corresponds with a specific timing and scoring system, and each has a different content and technology, timing points system is composed of a variety of technical equipment and a specialized line press sports features organized, for the good timing points system operation, you must first ensure that every work of system the complete basic functionality. In order to guarantee the consistency and test scores, you typically use individual impartiality Association specify products, timing points system is the sport competitions, sporting achievements of ultimate sources, from the use of perspective, is the point to multipoint, different systems of information, the need to develop a different adapter interface, and complete and field results processing subsystem onAdd-in.

4 timing principles of construction of score system

Timing points is a sports contest is an indispensable part, is on the competition process time determination or cumulative, score is on the runner's motion behavior and environment for determination, warnings and score accumulated records, final complete control of the contest procedure, provide a comparison of quantitative evaluation of the results, will result in the configuration of the monitor is a real-time display. At the same time, provide to the relevant system needs of race information.

Timing points system in principle:

1), timing devices by individual score competition authority according to the requirements for the preparation of the competition, and must ensure that the individual timing points system integrity and comply with the requirements of the latest contest rules.

2), scoring device must use the project management center of sport and Sports Association finds products, timing device adopts international sports organizations recognized by the device.

3), in order to save investment, taking into account the established after the equipment and usage, display device to use dot-matrix display, consider configuring the corresponding multiple display software.

4), live timing and scoring device must have a computer communication data interface for data information automatically, high-speed processing and publication of the results of the competition.

5), system, device installation, commissioning and operation of the equipment supplier and professionally trained and participated in many major sports events in rich practical experience of personnel.

Each time the scoring system is appropriate for each campaign item and equipped, but also to meet domestic and international sports organizations to individual requirements, ensuring the success of a sports contest.
5 time points system composition and classification:

Individual match scoring system of timing are according to the rules of the technical requirements established for the project. At the same time in the scene during the race scoring systems are subject to the fair in the individual competition Committee of dispatch, not arbitrary action.

System composition and equipment classified as:

1) electronic timing devices

2) scoring equipment

3) electronic measuring equipment

4) e-referee equipment

5) e prompt equipment

6) technical interface equipment

Electronic timing system equipment in specialized on time data determination, cumulative or processing, precision high, accuracy should be up to 1/1000 second, electronic timing system can be divided into time slots to control timing and speed of determination of the timing of two categories:

Window control timing: for time-limited game project exercise time control, General requirements are set with the length of time, reset, interrupt, recovery time and alarm
Speed measurement timing: the racing game project to automate the movement of time measurement, comparison, ordering, and other functions.

Electronic scoring system is in accordance with the rules of the game on the runner's motion behavior and its environmental factors for determination, warnings and score a cumulative record and, ultimately, complete control of the competition process, to quantify results data, will result in the configuration of the monitor to display real time accurately. Transmitted to the relevant parts of the game information.

Electronic measurement systems and equipment requirements for height, distance, wind speed, wind direction and other competition environment factors for precise measurements, in order to provide a variety of data and finally verify results.

E ref device (device) is the use of modern advanced high-tech means making, as the race referee services integrated electronic information systems. Mainly used in fierce competition, winning moment, depending on how big the game project. With fast and accurate minimize the interference of the human factor.

E Tip equipment in the game as players provide sound, light, signal, in order to remind the game progresses.

Technical interface device is timed scoring system for all kinds of different devices and games technology supports various subsystems to signal data exchange interface matching device. For the race information on different devices and Interworking between the subsystem and accurate reading, it is essential to source information (data, signal, and so on) to transform processing, in order to achieve timing equipment and various subsystems of score between the technically meet the match, the match score data signal transfer smooth clear, accurate and real time.

According to the different events match the characteristics of their own, different items on the timing of the different requirements of score, to categorize the various events, in accordance with the different categories, timing points system can be divided into the following categories:

5.1 online project

Online project is to follow through the end of the chronological order as the main criterion to determine the player's game ranking, most such projects is one of the highlights of the games.

Online project: Athletics (track), swimming, cycling, rowing, kayaking, slalom, speed racing, equestrian (handicap), speed skating, short track speed skating, etc.
Online project timing points system is mainly responsible for collecting race time information, because the game is highly competitive, and some of the projects of timing precision score required to achieve 1/1000 second, not the naked eye or general timing equipment to complete the score, while at the same time, the timed scoring system will match results quickly sent to score processing, on-site show, TV broadcast system, system calling time is high, it can be done manually. Sports competitions of the accuracy, timeliness, and non-repeatability in such projects reflect the most prominent. Therefore, the requirements for online project timing scoring system with very high accuracy, stability, reliability, absolute and highly automated, key equipment should be in the form of the backup.
5.2, categories item

Categories of the contest is a project of referee on the player's game performanceEvaluation and scoring of the form, all the judges scoring statistics, as players rank in the major standards.

On the basis of the categories are: gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, diving, synchronized swimming, martial arts (taolu) equestrian (dressage), figure skating, etc.

Comment on the classification of the timing of the project is to improve the referee score system efficiency an important guarantee for such a large amount of data, score calculation complex, in the course of the game, part of the emergency change games will have more games at the same time, the timed scoring system must be in a very short time accurately completed competition result records, statistics, computing, and at the same time, the timing system will score results promptly sent to the scene shows, television, and other peripheral systems, time is very high, not artificial. Sports competitions of the accuracy, timeliness, variability in these projects reflect the extremely prominent, therefore, requested categories project timing points system must have a high accuracy, high reliability, high adaptability, highly automated features.

5.3, ring and note the category project

Note the classification project is through acquisition or statistics ' distance, height, number of rings, conversion of grading information, scores for processing statistics, as players game ranking of the main criteria.

Note the classification project: shooting, archery, athletics (Tin), modern pentathlon, sailing, windsurfing, weight lifting, etc.

Note the classification project timing points system is mainly responsible for record players in the game during the game scores, game scores quickly sent to score processing, show, TV broadcast, and other systems. Some items, such as shooting, track and field (the field events), archery, etc., the use of electronic devices to replace the artificial competition result records, recording accuracy even reach dozens microns, the equipment requires extremely high, another part of the project, such as weight lifting, modern pentathlon, timing points system also requires an approval role, timely boot process, making the game competition. Sports competitions of the accuracy, timeliness, non-repetitive in such projects reflect the extremely prominent, therefore, wish to categorize the project's time scoring system must have a high accuracy, high reliability, high adaptability, highly automated features.

5.4, contest, class projects

The match against the type of project is generally by team or two players to complete, to the relationship between the two sides in the competitions, as players rank in the major standards. Confrontation is comprehensive games category in the categories up for a class project, its characteristics are directly involved in the fight against the two projects, most of the results of the competition you can judge for themselves the audience.

Against such projects include: wrestling, judo, taekwondo, boxing, martial arts, boxing, fencing, football, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball, water polo, baseball, softball, hockey, tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc.

According to the results obtained on how it is done, you can also form a broken down into scoring against class project forms of confrontation and score. Scoring form against the types of projects include: wrestling, judo, taekwondo, boxing, martial arts and boxing, such a project score diversity, the need for specific judging by the referees, the score form against the types of projects include: fencing, football, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball, water polo, baseball, softball, hockey, tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc., this type of project score simple and intuitive, the audience will be able to direct the results of the competition.
Confrontation of timing points system, is by displaying the way secondary to the competition, while at the same time as the site displays the system and TV broadcast system to provide services, such a device generally require long hours of continuous use, so you need to have a high reliability and stability.

The scoring system FBI 6 timing and practiced kg

Timing points system construction, particularly in software projects, because the needs are complex and professional, so the success rate for single use run is very low, to reach the normal use of athletic competition, must go through many levels of repeated debugging, full system test and hop gained even more important. Including:

6.1 network test

Internal network debugging. To venues network center room as the core for debugging network system connectivity, Omni-directional debugging backbone network, local network, the complexes network and the specific information of network connectivity, and test your network performance, especially network system reliability and security.

6.2 system test

System integration must be in network connectivity and a variety of computer equipment in place on the basis of the system is network and application testing and debugging the service system, the system of joint technical content widely and work coordination capacity, you need to make multiple debugging.

System test to contest information system as the core, individual site performance handling systems plan selection of representative projects, analog layout results and performance, simulation requirements cover contest. Comprehensive results processing system simulation statistics medals and total score, and provides internet network.

6.3 system-in-training

To race for the core, the relevant sector facilitate commissioning. -Practice must all connected network, computer equipment and devices in place, the timing and scoring information systems test conducted on the basis of success.

System-in-training in the race Department of unified arrangement, individual competition authority in competition centers organizations athletes, according to the tournament regulations for part of the project of simulation games, scoring system and live timing results processing system combined with race organization and management of work, become familiar with the race field work processes, in order to participate in official competitions and laid the basis for running.

7. closing remarks

Timing points system is held in the stadium events enable basic technical facilities. According to the organising different events and venues, the use of timed scoring equipment are also different, specific programmes should be according to theMesh contest rules and game action requires design. System is reliable and accurate results for athletes, and related information in a timely manner by the big-screen device displayed, so the presence of guests, the judges and the audience will be able to keep abreast of the latest game information.

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