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【 Weak current College 】 insulation board technology 】

1 insulation board technology condition
In the national energy conservation policy and technical standards, insulation board technology is developing rapidly, exterior insulation technology outside the wall. Abroad has a variety of exterior insulation technology systems and a variety of insulation materials, such as EPS, XPS Board plastering exterior insulation system is the most favored by the market, these technological systems and insulation to a certain extent, insulation Board, provided the building energy-saving technology assurance and development dynamic. 2 new polystyrene insulation board plate — around the wrong Board
Traditional insulation Board in resolution of insulation, weather resistant, impact resistance, resistance to wind load, fire resistant, breathable, construction techniques, and so are not truly ideal results, especially in the insulation plate and insulation boards are stitching Department there joints cracked, seepage, mechanical anchoring of pressure cap on crack up drum falls off. In response to actual problems are presented around the idea of dislocated plate, plate of dislocation, set around seams size based on the works of the actual situation and projects over the thickness of the insulation boards. Engineering often used a wrong Board model see figure l.
Ionizes dislocation insulation Board and ordinary insulation boards are compared, the comparison chart is shown in Figure 2. Malposition insulation Board better than ordinary Board from several aspects of the analysis.
(A) malposition insulation Board
(B) ordinary insulation Board (1) around dislocation insulation board tightness, improves the water resistance and insulation performance. Traditional polystyrene insulation boards exist between each block Board joints, allowing the completion of the plate surface easy to crack, causing leakage problems. And dislocation insulation Board, its structure, surrounded of plate joints extended the plate surface to ground the connectedness of the lines between the wall and turns up outside of adverse environmental factors directly into the people foundation walls, has good water resistance and sealing; on the other hand, insulation board edge dislocation overlap, also settled normal paste board practices as the plate surface cracks and foundation wall directly through the extensive hot and cold bridge, greatly improving the life of the foundation walls and the heat preservation effect.
(2) easy to misplace insulation boards around the construction, the bite each other to form a whole, enhances bonding. General insulation boards exist between each block Board joints, each independent affixed to the base between the wall and difficult to guarantee that each in the same plane. Around dislocation insulation boards due to its unique, each level drop around the wrong form, so that the plate and the plate between the overlapping bite, interdependent, sheet and plate seam gap between relatively consistent, so that the foundation wall of the outside insulation board blend into each other, forming a whole, enhanced insulation Board and the foundation wall of the overall combination of solid and flat overall dislocation plate.
(3) the surrounding dislocation insulation Board can solve the problem of crack insulation Board. On the one hand, the bite each other around the misplacement of the plate, to become one, you can solve the stress due to uneven stress cracking problems arising. When local produce larger contractility, due to the traditional insulation board independent of their respective companies, easy to produce weak position of local failure occurs; and dislocation between the plate and respective, dislocated joint Board and the Board between the clearance between the relative Splice, plate and strip overlapping between, combined to form one bite, can solve the superposition between the plate and plate by cumulative force causing thermal insulation system and cracking problem solved-walls, insulation Board, crack-resistant mortar veneer layer various materials between intermateability and overall balance of the force. On the other hand, subject to external influence of the natural climate, common exterior insulation technology, sheet and plate, numerous internal and external links exist between the joints, causing insulation board surface crack resistance of mortar at different temperature, the temperature, resulting in the formation of shrinkage is not consistent, causes plate and plate joints cracked, and dislocation insulation board exactly can overcome this drawback.
(4) around dislocation insulation board the broader range of applications, in addition to the EPS insulation Board, XPS insulation Board, you can and gypsum board, inorganic Board for easy bonding, dislocation, reducing cracks of construction. In construction, General polystyrene Board external if the gypsum board to enhance due to internal and external layer of shrinkage, easily lead to gypsum board joints between the cracks, which in practical projects has been confirmed. Using the wrong Board can better address this problem, when in production of gypsum board and can be of polystyrene Board for shearing adhesive to a piece in the construction of the dislocation between the plate and plate, construction convenient and plate surface is flat, then connecting to KL-nail integration external wall insulation system anchor firmware that anchor, gypsum board and internal Foundation wall connection, solving the general practice of the
Now is not easy construction, cracks, and a series of questions.
3 construction considerations
Around dislocation insulation Board is different from ordinary insulation Board, its in the construction process will need to note the following:
(1) malposition insulation Board, at the splices between up and down positions to pay attention to the waterproofing problems, note the location of the front and back plate.
(2) in the construction process to guide the insulation boards outside force to the foundation walls, holes in the plate surface into the foundation wall 3cm.-, 4cm, dedicated anchoring mortar grouting, which uses the steel nail to Anchorage, slightly lower than steel dingmao roof insulation board plane.
(3) malposition insulation board applied to the exterior wall insulation, the sides of the wall should be reserved for lcm's expansion joint, ensuring its swell when a certain space, do not produce empty drum, occurring damage. Around because of its holistic approach to misplace plate, waterproofing, insulation, etc. are better than ordinary on polystyrene insulation boards.

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