Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weak current College】 【monitor partial color fault handling】.

Monitor partial color is a common fault, repairing often pay attention to not cause false positives. In General, the exclusion of such failures can be divided into four steps.
The first step, first check the monitor color is in the high brightness or luminance low partial color. If the brightness high partial color, should adjust their color-balance potentiometer accordingly; if the brightness is low partial color, adjust the corresponding primary color dark balance potentiometer. In General, if there was a slight change circuit parameters, as a result of these adjustments may eliminate partial color faults. But adjusted before the adjustment potentiometer on the horniness, if not function through adjustments or role is very small, it should be restored to its original location, to ensure that the next overhaul of quality.
The second step, replace the corresponding depending on tube. If you are using a multimeter untestable corresponding partial color depending on tube is damaged or not, it is only through replacement tube test. Typically the change depending on tube argument should be placed with the original vision, pipe parameter, if the original depending on tube do have problems, it cannot be excluded after fault; if parameter slightly, by fine-tuning the corresponding light balancing effect can be achieved satisfactory potentiometer; if fine tuning is not troubleshooting, you should set the potentiometer reinstated.
The third step, check the three depending on tube collector load resistance, its resistance is changed, if normal then check the bright, dark balance does change, potentiometer resistance if changes should be replaced. Typically, replaced by fine-tuning the partial color faults cannot be excluded.
The fourth step, if the third step is still not clear the fault, it is possible to change the picture tube parameters, you should use the following procedure to adjust to the best effect:
(1) to enable monitor power more than 10 minutes;
(2) will light up the middle balance potentiometers placed;
(3) the accelerator potentiometer pare, chroma, brightness, contrast to the minimum;
(4) the maintenance of the switch to a horizontal light line location maintenance status;
(5) the accelerator potentiometer slowly clockwise rotation to a base-line Pico appears on the screen;
(6) adjust the other two primary colors in dark balance potentiometer to make the screen lit line become white;
(7) will repair switch back to normal position and adjust light balance potentiometer, observation of high brightness, white balance.
Repeated the above (4) to (7) steps, until the white balance is satisfied.

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