Thursday, March 3, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 LED traffic light of the favourable characteristics 】

At present, the super bright led to replace incandescent lamps for traffic lights, warning lights, symbols light is all over the world, and incandescent, LED traffic signal strength is low power consumption, long life, and can greatly increase the brightness, become an ideal light source for traffic lights.

1, visibility better:

LED traffic light in continuous light, rain, dust, and other adverse weather conditions, can maintain a better visibility and performance indicators. LED light is monochromatic light, and therefore do not need to use the film to produce the red, yellow, green color signal; LED light with direction and have a certain divergence, it can be to abandon the traditional lights using aspheric mirrors. LED by this solves the traditional lights exist of phantom (commonly known as false display) and film fade problems, increase light efficiency.

2, power:

LED light sources in the energy-saving advantages is the very obvious, its one of the notable feature is the low energy consumption, the application of the lamps is very meaningful. LED traffic light almost 100% LED excitation energy become visible, in comparison with 80% incandescent as heat loss, only 20% become visible.

3, calorie:

LED by the electrical energy directly into the light source, the resulting heat is very low, almost no heating. Led traffic signal lamp cooling of the surface to avoid burns, and maintenance staff can be a long life.

4, long service life:

Lights work environment is relatively harsh, cold summer, Sun and rain, lamps with high reliability requirements. General signal lights with incandescent average life expectancy is 1000h, low-voltage halogen bulbs average life expectancy is 2000h, arising out of the maintenance cost is high. LED traffic lights no filament seismic instability caused damage, while less glass breaking.

5. quick response:

Halogen light bulb, and LED traffic light is faster response time, thereby reducing the intersection accidents.

Because of the traffic control lamps in the city's important role in traffic, every year there are a lot of traffic lights need to be updated, which in turn leads to a larger market, after all, high-margin also LED production and design of company's development, for the entire LED industry will also have positive stimulation.

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