Monday, December 27, 2010

College】 【weak cold storage and maintenance of the temperature controller】..

<br> a temperature controller using <BR> general mechanical temperature controller of the temperature scale is the virtual value, the actual temperature and temperature difference between the values 1-2, ÑÉ.. Temperature controller in the initial opening, usually the .temperature controller set to 15 scale line, this time the temperature controller to work until the indoor temperature reaches 18 degrees, the temperature controller starts off automatically, in addition to the insulation. state.. (If the thermostat mounted on the wall Cold Mountain. .Can be set to 12 scale line, at room temperature can reach 15 degrees.) And so on.. Winter temperature controller, not to the frequent power on / off temperature controller, that would consume more power, and influence the life and damage the .temperature controller temperature controller.. Mechanical rotary control to adjust the temperature of temperature controller, it will hear a click of the voice, which is the sound of opening and closing of contacts, as a proxy system works or not.. Temperature control will also .see the activities inside the moment because of contact arc, these are considered normal.. Usually the critical temperature controller are equipped with temperature 8, ÑÉ, 30, ÑÉ.. When the indoor temperature is below 8, ÑÉ, the temperature controller knob to .any scale, the temperature controller in the power of work.. When the indoor temperature is higher than 30, ÑÉ, the temperature controller knob to any scale, the temperature controller in a power state.. Some models of the temperature controller with running lights .to light does not shine bright and work on behalf of the temperature controller or not.. Switch has a power switch button in the temperature controller, temperature controller should be first raised to the temperature knob to the lowest temperature.. Second, the temperature controller .in the daily use of maintenance is essential: <BR> whether it relates to the temperature controller and the use of normal life.. Therefore, in daily use, should periodically dust temperature controller.. In addition, maintenance should also note the following .points: First, do not use acid cleaning, alkaline water and other corrosive liquids and wipe cloth to avoid damage and effects of temperature controller to its normal use.. The second is not to decorate and cover the temperature controller.. Built-in thermostat .temperature sense device for sensing the outside temperature.. Therefore, the thermostat housing is not available, cotton, linen, silk and other products, or other items decorated cover.. Third, the temperature controller should be noted that dust and waterproof.. Interior .decoration, attention should be dust temperature controller, water.. Avoid fitting sand, sawdust into the temperature controller vents, causing damage to the temperature controller.. Fourth, do not block the temperature controller.. Temperature controller is not blocked by furniture and other .items, such as the decoration of the room or change the temperature controller is installed, you can ask a professional technical personnel changes.. <BR> <BR>..

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