Wednesday, December 29, 2010

【 Weak current College 】 use touchscreen ten tips 】

1. full screen running your application moves the file name of the bar and menu bar, so you to enjoy the benefits of running the entire screen.
2. the use of bright background (do not use black) bright background can hide finger printing, reduce glare dazzle light on Visual impact. Other pattern background (for example, crumpled paper pattern) can make the eyes focus screen image instead of screen reflection, even when no icon and menu selections, too.
3. use the large buttons as a simple drag-and-click interface, double click, scroll bars, drop-down menu, window or other factors will make some unskilled users feel confused, will reduce the consumer to the product affinity, decreasing its efficiency.
4. place the mouse cursor moves away, allows users to pay attention to the entire screen instead of the arrow of the mouse arrow on the screen will make the user think, how can I use the arrows to do what I want to do?, the arrow of the thinking and behavior of the user by indirect changes directly. This touch screen real strength will become visible.
5. make the user a touch screen you will get feedback in response to the immediate feedback for the user to confirm the touch has been accepted. Responses can be vision, for example, and standard Windows button similar to the stereo button effects, or is also available with a voice response, that is, any time the user touches the screen, will hear "a click" sound or other sounds. Make sure the monitor is immediately clear to the previous screen, as well as on the next screen to appear before the screen displays the hourglass icon (or other similar icon).
6. let your applications become interesting and fast if the system is slow, the user will go away. On their touch give quick responses, you can in order to lock their attention. High-speed system also will also reduce the incidence of malicious behavior. Picture mode requires too many colors and high resolution, and these things will slow down the speed of the system. Use more colors than using high resolution is far more efficient.
7. let the application become intuitive, simple, as much as possible to guide users to specific people use your touch screen as a test. Users if you do not understand while paused, even for a moment, you should also make clear what needs improving.
8. adoption of applications and users of digital dialogue (via the sound card) as the human brain can also accept sound and image, and therefore can provide voice and touch response to the user interface is almost magical. Better self-service machine application will use this knowledge to the extreme. For example,--please point out what you are looking for a company of the first letter of the name. --A click. --Now please point out OK. --A click.
9. make your application with attractive packaging animation and large font helps make the self-service machine becomes more attractive. Then, the self-service machine designs should be attractive and sturdy.
10. When you design a self-check-one machine, be sure to consider the following factors: you use the exhaust fan? the fan on top, at closer to monitor exports. Will walk caused by dust to a minimum, and clear the dust on the ground, preventing air into the monitor. Turn the speaker on your users ' ears. Please use the Elo query in one touch display. Otherwise, you will have to allow monitor dimensions of diversity, because they become very quickly. The monitor must install security firm base, then touch up relatively firm. Finally, choose a hidden finger printing polishes, do not use shiny stainless steel, chrome and bright black lacquer.

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