Monday, December 27, 2010

Weak current College】 【uninterruptible power supplies ups basic parameters】.

<br> <br> <br> UPS is (AC) uninterruptible power system (UninterruptablePowersystem) abbreviation. It is divided into two kinds of dynamic and static, dynamic UPS composed by a rotating electrical machines, and electronic components constitute the UPS is static ., the General says more than a static UPS UPS. <br> <br> UPS is mainly used for sensitive electronic established and does not allow the power outage, such as computer systems, production line process control, long-distance communication, medical equipment ., airports, banks etc. <br> <br> Basic parameters of the UPS <br> <br> (1) load can be divided into three categories, 10kV · A following is a small load, 10 ~ 60kV · A-load ., 60kV · A above to load. <br> <br> (2) output voltage harmonics content (distortion) harmonic voltage on the circuit of the reference voltage and low voltage operation of logic circuit can cause noise. <br> <br> .(3) non-linear load refers to inductive load or capacitive loads. In computer systems, nonlinear load main is the host, printer (especially laser printer) and display terminals; linear load primarily established disk and tape. A general load small load is .nonlinear; load is linear and nonlinear load similar or slightly larger one; and big load generally linear load, because big load by more than one device that runs after another, the macro looks total load more stable. <br> <br> (4 .) step load when connecting or disconnecting part load, the load generation step change. Since UPS does not instantaneous correct this sudden change of current 9 output voltage will result in corresponding changes. Small load because only very few established that sometimes appear 100% step load .. Medium load step of not more than 50 per cent. And big load only in abnormal operation possible over z5% step load. General inverter design can meet less than 25% step load. <br> <br> (5) efficiency for a .large system, efficiency must be high enough. For example a 125kV · A UPS, if only 85% efficiency, the consumption per year fee equivalent to 30% of the initial investment. <br> <br> (6) the volume of small .and medium-sized UPS requirements volume to be as small as possible. <br> <br> (7) the level of noise noise UPS shall not exceed the requirements of its own environmental noise level. <br> <br> <br> .<br> <br> <br> <br> <br>.

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