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Weak current College】 【infrared thermometer principle as well as product knowledge】.

Working principle
Infrared thermometer by optical system, photoelectric detector, signals and signal processing large-display output. Optical system brings together its vision of infrared radiation, infrared energy focusing on the photoelectric detector and transformed into the corresponding signal, the signal then by conversion into the measured temperature value of the target.

Use infrared thermometer benefits
Convenient! infrared thermometer can quickly provide temperature measurement, thermal leakage even read an attachment point of time, using infrared thermometer read almost all the connection points of temperature. Because infrared thermometer solid, lightweight (10 ounces lighter than all), and when not in easy-to-on leather. So when you're in the factory inspections and routine inspection is portable.

Precise! infrared thermometer for another advanced is accurate, and often precision is less than 1 degree. This kind of performance you do preventative maintenance is of particular importance, such as monitoring difficult production conditions and will result in equipment damage or special event of downtime. Because most of the equipment and factory operation 365 days, downtime is equivalent to the reduction of income, to prevent such loss, by scanning all live electronic equipment-circuit breakers, transformers, fuses, switches, bus and power strips to find hot spots. Use infrared thermometer, you even can quickly detect slight changes in the operating temperature, when in its sprout to problem solving, and reduce equipment failure and repair.

-Security safe! is to use the infrared thermometer is the most important benefits. Different from the contact temperature measurement, infrared thermometer can safely read inaccessible or unreachable target temperature, you can instrument within the scope allowed by the target temperature is read. Non-contact temperature measurements can also be used in an unsafe or contact temperature measurement in difficult areas, like the steam valve or heater, they don't need to risk contact temperature measurement at the cannibals would burn your fingers. Higher than the top 25 feet for/back to the accurate measurement of air temperature in the measurement as easily at hand. Raytek (Raytek), times (TIME) infrared thermometer with laser sighting, easy to identify the target area. With it your work becomes easier.

Infrared thermometer with the main areas where
Infrared thermometer has proved to be testing and diagnostics of electronic equipment failure and effective tool. You can save a lot of expenses, infrared thermometer, you can diagnose the problem and electronic connection by looking at the DC output filter on the battery connections, to detect the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function, you can check battery components and power distribution board connector, switch gear or fuse connection to prevent energy consumption; as a result of loose connectors and combination produces heat, infrared thermometer will help identify loop broken insulation fault. or monitor electronic compressor; daily scans to detect a transformer's hot cracking of the windings and the terminal block.

How to use an infrared thermometer to measure temperature, xinchang Forum
Raytek (Raytek), times (TIME) and non-contact thermometer of three temperature measurement technology:
Point measurement: determination of objects all surface temperature, engine or other equipment
Temperature measurement: comparison of two independent point of measuring temperature, like connector or circuit breaker
Scanning measurement: detection in wide area or continuous regional objectives change. As refrigeration piping or distribution.

Select infrared thermometer key considerations
Temperature range: Raytek (Raytek), times (TIME) product temperature range is-500 ~ 3000 degrees (above), each type of thermometer has its specific temperature range. The selected instrument temperature range with specific application temperature range match.
-Target size: temperature, measured targets should be greater than thermometer field, otherwise the measurement errors. Recommended dimensions of the measured object exceeds thermometer 50% field of view as well.

Optical resolution (D:S): namely the thermometer probe to the target ratio of the diameter. If the thermometer off target, target and small, should select the high-resolution thermometer.

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