Monday, December 27, 2010

【 Weak current College 】 IC common words 】

Chinese English letter A snap-in Administrative unit (AU) attenuation Attenuation Anti-electrostatic anti-electrostatic wrist wristB Board member Board position the back panel of the Back panel balance Balanced two-way interface interface Bi-directional two-way Both-way error Bit error baud Baud rateC Coaxial coaxial adapter box transit box card board slot Card trough clock source Clock source critical alarm Critical check box Check box connector ConnectorD deterioration DeteriorationE external synchronization mode External synchronization mode Ethernet interface Ethernet interface electrostatic absorption Electrostatic adherenceF front panel Front panel with Full configuration fault location configured Fault localization features block Functional block free oscillation mode filter capacitance Filtering free-run capacitanceG H Hot plug plug flat mounting Horizontal installation path-order channel Higher-order hold-over modeI internal hold mode free oscillation mode Internal mode led Indicating lamp free-run started In serviceJ jitter Jitter jumper JumperK L line unit and branch unit Line unit and tributary unit leader Leading wire signal loss Loss of signal frame loss Loss of frame tracing mode Locked mode lowpass filter lightning lightning Lightening-protection Low-pass Lightening arrestorLOC debt clock lost alarm Loss of main alarm clockM Major minor alarm Minor15 minutes cycle 15-minute period distribution frame MDFmain distribution frame management domain Management domain multiplex section adapter Multiplex section adaptation mismatch MismatchN ne Network element (NE) unbalanced interface Non-balanced interface non-recovery-channel switching Non-revertive path switching service is not started Not in reverse Negative non-zero Non-zero network management icon icon always Normally NM on navigation tree Navigation tree element icon NE iconO business phone Order wire telephone overhead unit (OHP) Overhead processing unit output impedance Output impedance overhead bytes Overhead byte object set Object optical Optical path set on the side Opposite terminal optical time domain reflectometer OTDROptical time domain reflectometer Optical fiber connector connector online help On-line help result code Object code Optical Attenuator Optical attenuator optical power meter Optical power meterOOF receive out-of-step Out of the frame frame overflow OverflowP PLL Phase-lock pointer adjustments Panel Pointer justification Plugboard fuse Protective tube once security units Primary protective unit channel protection and multiplex section protection Path protection and multiplex section protection forward Positive pointer adjustments remember few Pointer justification count (PJC) pointer is adjusted (PJCHIGH) Pointer pointer negative adjustment justification high (PJCLOW) Pointer justificAtion low protection switching Protection switching bad Poor contact diameter of Particle size once a Primary power supply power spike voltage Peak voltage connector Plug-in unitQ R Bell-Ringing current restore flow channel switching Revertive path switching remote loop Remote self-loop report Report regeneration of Regenerator sectionS synchronized mode Synchronous holdover mode (Suppression) drift (suppress) wonder switching Signal Switching signal flag label synchronization source Synchronous source subnet Sub-network sub-frame Sub-rack serial line Serial port line touch line Swinging crossT timing reference Timing reference second fiber rings Two-fiber self-healing ring twisted pair Twisted pair line slot source Timeslot slot hostel Timeslot source sink audio Threshold-crossing pigtail Tail fiber-fiber unidirectional path protection ring Two-fiber unidirectional path protection ring groove Trough in transient process Transient processTU pointer missing TU loss of pointerU one-way Unidirectional unavailable time Unavailable time (UAT) is not mounted Unequipped without scrambling code byte Unscrambled bytesV W wall mount Wall-mounted wiring area Wiring areaX prompts warning WarningY Z

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