Monday, December 27, 2010

】 【Weak current College activities freezer brief】.

(Also known as the combined activities of the refrigerator freezer, Joggle cold storage, fabricated cold storage) are active freezer has a simple structure, easy installation and during the short, high strength and handsome in appearance, and other characteristics. Activities in the freezer for steel skeleton, supplemented by insulating wall, roof and base, its insulation, moisture resistant and cools down and performance requirements. Active cold storage insulation-insulating panels, mainly by the (wall), roof (patio), floor, doors, support plate and plinth. They are through the special structure of the master and slave hook Assembly, the fixed to ensure that the cold store good insulation, air tightness.
Activities in the freezer door open in addition to flexibility, more rigorous, should be closed using the reliable, cold storage doors within the wooden pieces should pass refrigeratory drying anti-corrosion treatment, door locks and knobs to fit at the same time to have security and locking devices, low temperature freezer doors or door frames to concealed voltage 24V following electric heater to prevent condensation water and condensation. Library built-in moisture-proof lamps, temperature component is placed inside the library, its temperature uniform temperature monitors installed in the library in wall panel easy observation position. All chrome-plated or galvanized coating should be uniform, welding parts, fittings must be solid, rust. Freezer floor should have adequate carrying capacity, large Active cold you should also consider handling delivery device access jobs.

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