Monday, December 27, 2010

Weak current College】 【battery repair knowledge do you know how many】.

<br> <br> <br> In recent years, engaged in battery repair person more and more, the development of battery repair system, are the successive generations, technology is becoming more and more advanced battery repair, in effect, although there is .limited, but at the time of battery repair technical conditions for the community to make their contribution, respectable. <br> <br> Now the battery repair techniques are: <br> <br> 1, overcharge: charging and discharging in lead- .acid battery manufacturing process is frequently used, its essence is the battery positive plate surface Alpha oxidized lead into beta oxidation increases lead lead battery capacity. By overcharge and discharge, to form a positive plate alpha and beta lead oxide oxidized lead branches and trunk arrangement of .shapes. Thus affect battery life. <br> <br> 2, high current charging: battery repair <br> <br> High current charging advantage is: make a big negative lead sulfate crystals to halt dress solubility method, this method only in .a temporary effect, long-term use, the battery life to cause serious damage. Battery repair <br> <br> 3. Add a surfactant. Using chemical fixes, elimination of lead sulphate, not only high cost, increase the battery, and .also changed the original structure of the electrolyte, battery repair after the use period is shorter, it fixed rate of about 45%. <br> <br> 4 and concatenation-battery repair: the overall use of constant current and constant voltage series battery .charger series charging repair, only to simple charging function, go to curing efficiency and effectiveness. <br> <br> 5, hydrotherapy battery repair: the battery electrolyte water dilution to improve lead sulfate solubility, fluid temperature 30 ° c ~ 40 ° c .within a longer time charge, may be restored. This method is only useful in curing is not very serious time maintenance. <br> <br> 6, battery repair compound resonant Pulse: reasonable control repair pulse frequency, use the level of charge pulse .harmonics and large crystal resonator lead sulfate, in the repair process to eliminate the battery curing, take advantage of this method is more efficient battery repair, battery damage smaller, longer battery life. <br> <br> 7, hybrid resonant pulse + chemical .+ Spa "combination battery repair method: Add fix for combination with pulse repair battery repair <br> <br> A, use the pulse method of the harmonic resonance, matching the high and low frequency pulse, breakdown thick lead sulfate crystals, makes big .lead sulfate crystals were hit small and loose, easier to lead sulfate crystals and activator full contact. <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>.

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