Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weak current College】 【pressure sensor of common terminology】.

<br> Pressure is the industrial production of one of the important parameters, in order to guarantee the production work, must monitor and control the pressure. The following is a pressure sensor selection commonly used terms: <br> <br> Standard pressure: .atmospheric pressure for the standard size of greater than atmospheric pressure, is called positive pressure; less than atmospheric pressure is called negative pressure. <br> <br> Absolute pressure: absolute vacuum pressure for standard size. <br> <br> Relative pressure .: comparing objects (standard compression), the size of the pressure. <br> <br> Atmospheric pressure: atmospheric pressure. Standard atmospheric pressure (1atm) equivalent to the height of the column pressure. 760mm <br> <br> Vacuum: .less than atmospheric pressure. 1Torr = 1 / 760 pressure (atm). <br> <br> <br> Test pressure range: refers to the sensor pressure range adaptation. <br> <br> Can withstand pressure: when restoring to detect .pressure, its performance is not decline can withstand pressure. <br> <br> From precision (ON / OFF output): when a certain temperature (23 ° C), increase, decrease stress, use the test pressure of the full scale value .to remove output inverted pressure value resulting from the action points of pressure change value. <br> <br> <br> Accuracy: within a certain temperature (23 ° C), when combined with zero pressure and pressure rated, the full scale value .to remove from the output current value (4mA, 20mA) values and the resulting value. Units with% FS. <br> <br> Linear: analog output to detect pressure change linearly, but compared with the ideal line biased. Use the full .scale value is a percentage representing the value of this deviation is linear. <br> <br> Hysteresis (linear): with zero voltage and output current at rated voltage (or voltage) value to draw the line between the current ideal (or voltage .) values and ideals of the current (or voltage) difference between the values of seeking out as the error, and then find the pressure rise and decline of error values. Use the full scale of the current (or voltage) values for the absolute value .of the difference from the above the maximum value of the resulting value is the hysteresis. Units with% FS. <br> <br> Hysteresis (ON / OFF output): with the pressure of the full scale value to remove output ON point pressure .and pressure difference between the OFF point of the resulting value is both a hysteresis. <br> <br> Non-corrosive gases: air contains material (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) and inert gas (argon, NE) <br>.

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