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Weak current College】 【power technology glossary (6)】.

<br> High impedance power SOFT LINE has greater impedance of AC power. When the load increases, the power supply input voltage will decline significantly. SPLIT split coil BOBBIN WINDING frames winding a transformer winding method. Using this method, the initial level of transformer .winding coil which in a coil to which family and should be added between two coil insulation divisions. Quiescent current STANDBY CURRENT input control signal (remote control shutting down) to power the device off, or in no-load mode, the power supply input current .. Low impedance power LINE impedance STIFF a small AC power. When the load changes, the power supply input voltage will not be a significant change. Switching frequency SWITCHING FREQUENCY in switching power supply, DC voltage is switched on and off. T the temperature coefficient .of TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT of variation of ambient temperature 1 parallel C, the average percentage of output voltage change. The temperature coefficient of only the specified temperature range. Temperature Derating TEMPERATURE DERATING when the temperature rises, the setting for the power soundness, should reduce power rated .output power. Thermal pad THERMAL PAD graphite laminates, converter and radiator or transmission interface between rack. Overheating protection, THERMAL PROTECTION circuit of a power protection. When the power supply when the internal temperature is too high, the circuit can shut off the power. .Structural TOPOLOGY converter design type. It demonstrates the transistor configurations, transformer applications and filter types, etc. Commonly used converter structure with Flyback and forward, half bridge, full bridge, resonance and zero-current switching converters. Track TRACKING multiple output power supply for .a characteristic. In multiple output power supply, power supply voltage, load and temperature changes in the way the output voltage of any changes and other various output voltage is proportional to the change. Transient recovery time TRANSIENT RECOVERY TIME power supply voltage or load mutations, .the output voltage is restored to provide accuracy to within the desired limits. The real power of the TRUE POWER in AC circuits, the real power is the actual consumption of power, apparent power, the real power does not contain reactive components. U dump UNDERSHOOT .input power is switched on or off, or power supply voltage, or mutation, the instantaneous load output voltage to lower voltage range. Universal AC input voltage UNIVERSAL INPUT without jumpers or switches that can be used by the world leading AC power AC input characteristics. .VV • I chip V • I CHIPVICV • I chip (VIC) is a generic term used to signify the Huai cell latest power conversion technology components, this is equivalent to using the "brick" refers to the converter module. Preset the "full- .VIC "about 1.25" x0.85 "x0.25", equipped with all kinds of installation form. BCMs, PRMs and VTMs are V • I chip. Harmonic attenuator module VI-HAM HARMONIC ATTENUATOR MODULEHAM VI-HAM harmonic attenuator module is a .front-component applicable to different input voltage as 85-264, and provides a rectifier, filter, transient protection, inrush current limiting and power factor near "a," DC output, input 300V DC-DC converter series. Input attenuator module VI- .IAM INPUT ATTENUATOR MODULEIAM Huai lattice filter modules provide EMC conduction noise filtering and transient protection. Voltage balance VOLTAGE BALANCE value equality, the polar opposite of the two-channel output voltage difference. Expressed by a percentage. Voltage-MODE switching VOLTAGE converter calibration output voltage .of a closed-loop control method. Voltage transformation module VOLTAGE TRANSFORMATION MODULEVTMVTM voltage transformation module is V • I chip (VIC) that one of the Mille-bus voltage changes, up to 2: 1, provides streaming electrical isolation and step-up or .step-down effect. Output voltage depends on the k factor: VTM Vout = Vin * k. VTM's power conversion efficiency is very high, up to 96%, was also extremely fast load transient changes response and low noise. W heating drift WARM- .UP DRIFT to 25 parallel C, rated input power and full load, from initial to heat balance between total, output voltage changes. Warm-up time input power WARM-UP TIME is switched on, the power supplies meet the required performance. XX- .capacitor short-circuit X-CAPACITOR as two traverse interference voltage and connected the two capacitors between the power cord. YY-capacitor Y-CAPACITOR power conversion module General requirements online and chassis (Earth) plus bypass capacitor to bypass common-mode noise and limitations .of the converter. But when the converters in AC rectifier voltage and bypass capacitor is corrupted, you may cause serious leakage current and electric appliance chassis, trigger a ground fault and electric shock. Fixing this, need to use a class specifically applied capacitor (referred .to as Y-capacitance). These capacitors built-in a "self-limiting" media properties, you can avoid excessive leakage. To comply with the EMC requirements, that proposed to use Y-Capacitance to all conversion module. Y-capacitance meet .IEC384-14, IEC132400 and UL1283 standards. Z zero current switch ZERO-CURRENT-SWITCHING switch in zero-current time connected or disconnected, enabling true lossless and lossy conversion. With zero current conversion circuit, cell converter frequency can exceed the efficiency higher than .1MHz, 80%, the power density to normal PWM converter for more than ten times..

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