Monday, December 27, 2010

College】 【weak tag in the warehouse management application】.

<br> tag in the warehouse management application <BR> warehouse management system (Warehouse Management System) technology widely used to improve the operational efficiency of distribution centers to provide effective technical support. .<BR> <BR> 1. If your warehouse can handle multiple orders? .In order to improve warehouse productivity, reduce operating personnel in the warehouse operations within the travel, you need well-designed sorting strategies and routes. .However, if the task to implement staggered work, or two-way peak speed sorting operations, such as picking, is referred to the management of the paper becomes too complicated. .RF and bar code technology makes use of the system operators of the warehouse picking multiple orders simultaneously. .The technology really can improve the handling of cargo items is not easy sorting of productivity, but may reduce the accuracy of inventory control. .2. Inventory accuracy is over 99%? .All storage should be to achieve 99% of the inventory control accuracy. .The best 10% of the warehouse can be achieved 99.95% accuracy. .To this end, regular cycle counting is a basic first step. .At first, the system should be based on each stock unit (SKU) Value of Pareto (Pareto) analysis to determine the cycle count the number of samples. .Then, the system should be able to help managers locked error-prone stock unit. .Better approach is easy management of inventory in the warehouse when the state count, for example, points immediately after the sorting, look at cargo space is not empty, or left a few pieces of cargo. .Of course, because the requirements of each unit to be accurate inventory count, so to achieve 99.95% accuracy also requires changing the counting method. .Because the stock unit may be placed in the wrong position, so it is best to count per channel. .<BR> <BR> 3. Is to give customers a fully reliable delivery commitments? .Commitment to the clients the same day or next day delivery, the warehouse management system (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system once or twice a day between the day of delivery can not support integration of a reliable bulk delivery. .Thus, WMS and ERP inventory data should be largely in sync. .Special high-level system to the sales staff in a given storage capacity and transportation conditions to change the formation of support delivery commitments. .<BR> <BR> 4. Whether the data collected by identifying opportunities to improve performance? .Warehouse managers should be most familiar with the basic standards for warehouse operations, such as the handling of cargo per hour number, determine the timing of orders not completed rate, pressure single time, and each cargo handling costs. .To change the mode of operation or the operator to compare the results of analysis, warehouse managers can continue to find better ways of operating, such as adjusting the storage of goods while working cargo space, the task of the operator to adjust or change the sorting process. .<BR> <BR> 5. Whether the balance between different areas of distribution centers in the work load? .Warehouse management can cause poor distribution center (DC) districts severe workload imbalance. .Managers should plan, monitor and adjust the workload between each district. .<BR> <BR> 6. Whether the combination of stock options to simplify the downstream partners to work? .Warehouse management makes bad look is a warehouse where the inventory. .And good warehouse management is able to upstream and downstream activities of partners into distribution centers. .Approved by the carrier labels, export documents and the appropriate packaging will simplify the work of transportation partners. .There are more advanced professional and technical experience with loading grouping techniques, such as loading according to the order of discharge, and even the display of goods for retailers coupled with a wheel bracket and so on. .Modern distribution center should be able to delay the assembly, add product features, product configuration to increase the selectivity and customization of core products, such as country-specific configurations according to customer special components. .<BR> <BR> 7. You or your client is not receiving a one-time scan? .To bad job of receipt of each shipment received scan test items. .And the best receiving operating scan only a label to complete the label with the goods or directly given all the information. .Typically, a receiving operating scan recognition technology can be read by means of wireless (RFID) or bar code identification system, and the agreement between suppliers and customers notice of an early delivery (advanced ship notices). .<BR> <BR> 8. Whether each warehouse manager in a multi-point distribution network systems are able to support each other? .Bad management makes the warehouse look is an isolated facility. .And good management is making a warehouse manager can see the network inventory of all state distribution centers, customers can check the order status information at any time. .More advanced warehouse management system is also able to identify the problem and within a few minutes warehouse network systems management to the police. .If the system generated in stock, in general, customer orders are to distribution centers in between adjacent transmission. .Good warehouse management system will not be drowned in the management of alarm signal, but instead look at the first filter, then the alarm of the issue to the appropriate management personnel. .More advanced warehouse management system also includes automatic execution and completion of warehouse management experience in decision-making, for example, according to the order of delivery trucks arrive receiving and sorting operations on the adjusted peak. .Of course, such systems were rare. .<BR> <BR> 9. Whether the artificial quality testing has been canceled? .General warehouse management often require manual quality inspection of goods, and well-managed storage is reasonably canceled the additional non-value added processes. .There are two ways to cancel the manual quality inspection. .One is to establish a complete and reliable operating procedures, the system should support frequent sampling error of the sampling process. .For each sample, the system should require the operator through the testing procedures, the system should also be clear what the sampling operation is reliable, when quality control is not able to form a value-added products. .Second, if the cost of error is much larger than the value of the goods themselves, then, quality testing procedures should be implemented automation. .Automatic weighing in the pharmaceutical industry is very common, other industries will also be used. .This of course requires accurate data. .However, in some industries, such as the semiconductor industry, due to the weight of the goods too light monomer, it is not necessarily automatic weighing method. .<BR> <BR> 10. The supply chain is the ability to handle reverse logistics? .In Europe, legislation requires the enterprises to track and recall the product packaging. .Who fail could face $ 30,000 fine. .Usually the packaging to return to a specified, often outsourced waste disposal center. .For the return, the poor management will double transport operations, such as first shipped to the shipping warehouse, then shipped to the return processing warehouse. .Warehouse management and good clients require authorization. .Imported goods through the warehouse when the consignee, the consignee in accordance with procedures to identify, such as packaging or product damage, not the number of defects, or product quality issues. .Here there may be opportunities to increase sales. .Then, the consignee was informed that the goods shall be sent to the location. .Thus, the consignee with their own PC with the printer to generate a barcode label receiving disposal instructions, and sent the goods to the designated place..

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