Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weak current College】 【commonly used refrigerant substitution】.

Commonly used refrigerant substitution
R12 refrigerant has. R22. R134a. R152a. R600a. h-01. RH. H. R404. R401. R152a and R22 mixed refrigerant. Commonly used refrigerants with R12. R22. R134a. R152a. R600a. General can R12. R22 substitution R152a. H-01. RH. H. R404.R152a and R22 of mixed refrigerant R12 substitution can be used. R404. R152a and R22 of mixed refrigerant R22 substitution can be used. R12 R22 are generally not available and each substitution. R12 refrigerants have refrigerator, R134, R600, R152/R22 azeotropic refrigerant there is air conditioning in common, there is a new type refrigerant R22 R404 refrigerator repair can be used instead of R12 substitution shall replace R134 system compressor system, mainly frozen oil differences, so be washing lines. Air conditioning repair R404 dedicated, manufacturers do not allow substitution of R22.

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