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【 Weak current College 】 monitor failure and dissolution 】

Individual and small computer on the Internet forums, often see such as the "monitor failure! first aid ..." topic of the post.   Although many people have little trouble yourself with good habits, but whether amateur or professional service personnel, some monitors common failure "awareness of the incidence of" reason to exist on more or less mistakes. These errors typically become maintenance "Tiger" or the "sequel". Therefore the author's pick out 13 the most representative of misunderstanding, the point of failure to carry out instructions. Hope this article will allow you to rediscover your monitor common failures of the real cause of the "onset" and the right approach, thus less walking some detours ^ _ ^. (Note: only refers to the common fault of not including difficult diseases), the screen is color fault symptom: 1, just post the entire screen is red (partial color display with back sweep lines), but an eyelash is normal;
2, in the use of occasional screen red phenomenon, but is also a blink it correctly;
3, the entire screen is blinking white red and with a very heavy and Flyback line immediately protective shut-down (or black screen and can't boot up). Misunderstanding of the point of failure:
For this kind of trouble a lot of people are said to be the graphics card has a hardware fault, and some say is the CRT scrap, it was also said to be the video driver is damaged, these views are wrong. Failure causes and countermeasures: indeed, pengji this picture tube failure will cause this symptom, but not beyond repair??   Minor available electric shock, serious power supply can be rewound filament winding, and sometimes a one hue depending on power supply of the electron gun resistance soldered or a circuit breaker of damaged or resistance larger will cause such symptoms. In addition, there are some models just has some minor interelectrode leakage, usually without maintenance, but there are moments when powered on, the partial color seconds to normal (1st symptoms). For pengji (sometimes only electrical leakage) fault you only to professional service personnel for maintenance, its characteristics are usually protective shut-down. Failure reason and solution: usually use 2 years with colour display appears this fault, the real reason most cases is the CRT tube socket moisture caused by oxidation, as long as the replacement of the original new pipe, block will be able to troubleshoot. But some say in the plug in the new pipe, block before you find a small piece of sand the picture tube tail after projecting pin grinding clean, aims to get rid of the oxide layer, which is like a snake.   When I replaced the CRT tube socket, some did pin some oxide on, but these oxides are missing in the original tube socket to pin, just use the xiaomao brush to clean sweep. So far I have not seen the PIN be oxidized, but because of the force is too large to make the PIN leak and damage the picture tube at the situation is encountered in a few cases, we do not use sandpaper to Polish, avoid damage to the "death" of! if you replace the socket will replace the ineffective, but this high package work the author recommends the best you can do is find professionals! plus, some models depending on the part of the circuit are special, sometimes after a failure will cause image fuzzy, but now usually brightness and row, field level also have an exception for this type of failure points the author recommends that you deliver professional treatment! if not brand-name products with colour display and use the year has been very long, so I recommend that you seek professional electrical maintenance departments for replacement tube socket, avoid neck after leakage accidents such as responsible:). third, the use of image blur fault symptom: 1, just post the image clear, but with the use of time and the increasingly blurred; 2, in the use of images are blurred, but occasionally will soon be back to normal, but with a few days or a few months after more and more serious, more often. Failure point of misunderstanding: it was considered that such failure is the monitor line circuit question??   May be a line pipe, backward diodes, capacitors and other components of backward thermal stability is not good or are soldered. These awareness can be said to be totally wrong, because these components do not have a clear image or not. Failure reason and solution: in the first symptom of genuine fault point is usually very high package focus knob on Aging, you can replace a high-pressure package a try. Of course, if you monitor the use of the year has more than six years, then we also want to consider the possibility of a kinescope aging. In addition, there was a time I taught for a number of professors initiates a this symptom of camera turned out to be the seat tube and depending on the plate of large negative electrode copper foil exists due to leakage phenomenon (after analysis like design problems), so sometimes in maintenance difficulties can replace a genuine pipe, block a try. For the first symptom is usually the CRT tubes, quality is not high, you can replace the new products to solve the problem. 4. screen flashing fault symptom: 1, screen edge is flashing phenomenon;
2, the entire screen with flashing phenomenon;
3, one corner of the screen is blinking. Failure point of misunderstanding: many people think that this is the power of the power supply voltage or instability caused by some "experts" even speak because some with electronic ballast lighting or electrical appliances to the interference of the monitor's power supply, some say is the video card hardware failure has occurred. In fact, these views are wrong, because the monitor on the voltage requirements is not very strict?? At present, the vast majority of colour TV in 100V ~ 240V power supply voltages. Of course, if the voltage is too low or too high voltage fluctuation, the other when don't recognize on, but the last two years, countries inthe implementation of the national rural network after the transformation has already begun to fundamentally solve the previous rural voltage instability, low voltage, but these issues are often in the city is not present, so these factors is no longer important. As regards other electrical equipment can cause interference even more out of the question, after all, the monitor's use is not a mutual inductance type voltage-stabilized source, besides other electrical interference even bring the screen flicker! fault reason and solution: create the first twoClass real symptoms, usually the cause of the malfunction is due to the line circuit parts components soldered or power at + 300V filter capacitor capacity decrease. While the latter unlikely?? Only in individual models and their more serious loss of capacity will result in a human eye can discern in Flash. In addition, some models depending on power supply part of the circuit are special, sometimes the portion of a components soldered also cause this symptom. Of course, if you put the monitor resolution and refresh rate is set too high or too low, can also cause this type of failure, so you can put the resolution and refresh rate settings into intermediate values try (Note: long-term working to overclocked State will make certain components aging and appears this fault, and compare to find the point of failure). There is a video card or monitor driver exists BUG, you should first try to update the driver. If the above processing is not valid, you can focus on producing high-voltage check package acceleration voltage and high voltage is normal, because sometimes these two voltage anomalies can also cause this kind of phenomenon.   Note: If you turn on the TV set also have Flash, it will first check the mains power supply is a problem??   If the size is too small or too large, such as voltage fluctuation ('d electrician check). In General, this type of fault repair requires you to have a certain degree of ability andprofessional knowledge, so I recommend if you exclude a simple breakdown after repair, delivery of electrical maintenance Department for processing. Sometimes some with magnetic materials (such as some low-end power pod or ADSL, Cat Power, etc.) in the vicinity monitor will cause the screen flashes on a corner, so get this phenomenon to try to clear the display items look around, often the problem can be solved.   5. water ripple on the screen failure points of misunderstanding: it is a platitude ^ _ ^, but I still have to say that, because some people think that only inferior product or hardware fault monitor appears water ripple.   Not necessarily, because almost all CRT monitors have water ripple, but there is light weight, usually as long as the monitor at 800 × 600 and above resolution no water ripple, but only at 640 × 480 resolution under water ripple is normal (screen all white is more obvious), and no hardware failure. Failure reason and solution: If you are more than 800 × 600 resolution still water ripple words will note, if you are not out of warranty, you may find relevant departments to theory, if had been a warranty, you can replace a + 300V capacitance try, if invalid will deliver professional maintenance departments.   In addition, it has been said that such failure is the video quality problems (such as shoddy work, etc.), according to the author of this possibility is not great, but I also never met resulting failures, so can't waste a conclusion, but you'd better not repair it but also as an important "suspects" to avoid detours:).   6. There is interference on the screen failure failure phenomenon: the screen always has a persistent irregular interference clutter or thin black lines with the "pop pop" noise. Misunderstanding of the point of failure: this symptom, there are a lot of people think that is the monitor power of anti-interference ability is poor, think that for several power Department of filter capacitor can settle out, some people even think switching power supply's switch there is a problem with the pipe, these views are wrong. Failure reason and solution: the real cause of the malfunction is usually high pressure nozzle and high pressure tube Cap between striking phenomenon. Of course, there are a lot of maintenance personnel can quickly analyze this is due to the high-voltage spark at the mouth, but there are a lot of people approach are not quite right. Some people may even put the butter to high-pressure nozzles to prevent a recurrence of the high-voltage spark, while the use of butter on the monitor, no harm, but the pressure values might not be very high, so it is very likely to other service personnel and users being shock hazard.   Therefore it is best to use "high pressure grease" repairing?? In the add high pressure grease before you use absolute alcohol let high pressure nozzle, Cap clean (even if rust rust or get a new CAP) with hair dryer and drying. In addition, sometimes the tube's pipe, block a striking phenomenon also appears on the symptom, but it will be accompanied by an image when the clarity of the hit-or-miss, then just replace the original pipe, block you can get!   7, display brightness too light and does not dim the misunderstanding of the point of failure: If the display brightness too light, even if the brightness is "0" or very bright, some people will think this is the display brightness automatically out-of-control circuit, this view is not very correct?? Although the control circuit out indeed cause this phenomenon, but usually it is not out of control. Failure reason and solution: the vast majority of cases this fault is apparent on the level of power supply filter capacitor capacity decrease or open (or virtual) welding, so you can try before welding, if the failure is still just replace the new capacitor to whom are the point of failure, if still not settle will look depending on whether there is a power supply circuit breaker, above all normal again when the brightness control circuit automatically suspect (unlikely).   Note: sometimes memory fault will also contribute to this phenomenon, but the probability is very low. 8. display color exception fault symptom: there are several places on the screen, color, or screen color anomaly at the edges.   Failure point of misunderstanding: some people think that this is the monitor long-term continuous AC or geomagnetic, but at present, the vast majority of monitors and will not appear this fault?? With colour display of degaussing circuit is different from TV. Failure reason and solution: Although this is quite typical CRT magnetization of symptoms, but this symptom is usually placed near the monitor has high magnetic products or degaussing circuit fault exists. High magnetic products mainly refers to the brand of poor quality speaker, due to the genuine brand-name speakers with almost all of the speakers are non-magnetic products, so as long as you use brand-name speakers or other brand placement from the monitor's loudspeaker 30cm outside can effectively prevent and eliminate faults appeared. If this is not due to the high magnetic products, you can manually once the degauss (method reference says:Certificate), if the image does not have one when degaussing obvious swaying the degaussing circuit exception, then you'd better delivery professionals for maintenance. Note: If the long-term early monitor power really causes the picture tube is magnetic, but use this class to display the user has very little.   9. image distortion failure points of misunderstanding: some people think that as long as you set up the display settings on the list, indeed, if this phenomenon is man-made, then as long as a diversion, but this is rarely appear?? Unless a rookie in Rookie ^ _ ^. Failure reason and solution: its common failure point is typically a line or a correction of a problem (such as S calibration capacitor, etc.), since maintenance up to have the professional knowledge, so I recommend that you deliver jiadianweixiubu door for repair.   Of course, if the failure is when you monitor what actions occur, then you can reference manual to do some debugging correction work try, as long as you carefully read the instructions are usually able to fix it!:)   10, contrast, low fault symptom: the so-called contrast low is layered, and colors as previous gorgeous. Failure point of misunderstanding: many people in the adjust contrast invalid after that is contrast control circuit has failed or is aging, kinescopes those views is not quite correct.   Failure reason and solution: in most cases this is due to the dust on the display too much, of course, we cannot exclude that the contrast control circuit parts causing the problem, but the possibility is very small, but staff almost unable to spare for maintenance, cleaning of the display screen is invalid after the best looking professional electrical maintenance personnel for maintenance. 11. Black fault symptom: power on, the host on the monitor does not have any complain, and monitor status LED display normal, power switch are normal, but there is no image (solid black), but sometimes lashing out with colour display enclosure or occasionally post when it is displayed properly, but use some time after the situation has gotten worse over time.   Failure point of misunderstanding: the fault seems obvious is the circuit where there is bad, but many people do not have idea what places. Failure causes and solutions: so that you can first look at filament power supply circuits for soldered components or solder joint, usually this is the cause of such failure.   Of course, sometimes causes the host since the host also black, but whether you get slapped with colour display case would not have improved, conditional to the monitor is not a determining received no fault host a try. In addition, there are now many monitors in pull even in the video signal cable appears after the post display function, if the monitor displays normal basic no fault, the fault point in the signal line or video card, so can more easily find the point of failure.   Note: in view of other black screen in the cause of the malfunction, the professional strong do not. 12. the no fault symptom: 1, color display at power on is no reflection, even the indicator is not lit;   2, a power-on what image also didn't see the protective shut-down. Failure point of misunderstanding: anyone seen this type of fault would say this is just a small failure, change a fuse is OK; some say that this is the video card driver is broken, this is not true. Failure causes and solutions: as the monitor's fuse is the time delay fuse?? That allows instantaneous flow much greater than the rated current of high-current, so that usually exist short circuit fault will burn this insurance, you are a new fuse will fuse again, of course, if fuse looks no exception, but it is not, it may be the aging damage when a new fuse can work, but this is a rare experience. As for the driver is a fallacy to say?? Before outside of WINDOWS is not the driver.   For 1st symptoms, such as power cables, power sockets and plugs can sometimes be "tough", so you have to exclude the possibility of simple, if you exclude a black screen after, you have to find professional service personnel for maintenance. Note: If you enter the system becomes black screen should test virtual video driver. For the first two symptoms you may have to enter the self test with colour display shows or simply received another host on try, if not then lit a faulty proof circuit, this kind of failure I recommend delivery professionals for maintenance;   if you can light up words and descriptions is a host, such as the video card and the motherboard and CPU, etc, you may be able to use the Replace method to do the check. 13. the system cannot recognize the monitor failure phenomenon: sometimes into WINDOWS after a system report found new hardware and automatically install the driver,Device Manager, turned out to be a monitor into unrecognized monitor. Failure point of misunderstanding: some people think that this is the display out of the hardware failure or a component caused by poor performance, it was considered that the video out of the hardware failure or a video driver is damaged, it was considered that the monitor and video card connected cable problems, some people believe is the VGA socket problems, these views are wrong. Failure reason and solution: a failure occurred to plug the monitor, and is used for a long time and after the failure. The reason is not installed the monitor manufacturer's proprietary display driver, you need to do to the manufacturers Web site to download the appropriate monitor drivers and install to get it!:)   Conclusion in my previous maintenance process, awareness of these failures or errors, or have existed had to walk quite a few detours. But after I repeated practice of weighing, finally found the real point of failure, but also from the many failures have summarized a law?? The real point of failure are often not deeply hidden components (reason) and are usually very simple local presence. But most people in the maintenance will experience main committed "Meaning "and" dogmatism "errors, often to the point of failure is a complicated and very few people have the habit of" curiosity ", so often causes large detours. Of course, experience or essential and very important, but we must also learn the specific problems of specific analysis of skill (ideas) it ^ _ ^. Well, not much to say, hope this article gives you some insight on the maintenance of thought.

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