Monday, December 27, 2010

Weak current College】 【gas sensor main parameters】.

Working voltage recalls: means the work conditions, the gas sensor voltage between two electrodes.
Working current billion: refers to the working conditions, both through gas sensor current between electrodes.
Working voltage (current): means a guaranteed basic electrical parameters, gas sensor supply voltage (current) allows the change of scope.
Load resistance RL: refers to the measurement circuit sampling of resistance.
Measure the voltage Vc: refers to the measurement circuit input voltage applied.
Measuring current Ic: means the total by measuring circuit current.
Heating voltage at VH: means heater voltage applied.
Heating current IH: means a current through the heater.
Calibration gases voltage VS: means a gas sensor calibration gases containing conditions under load resistance stability values on the voltage drop.
Calibration gas currents IS: refers to the working conditions in the calibration gas load resistance of electric current.
Initial voltage VO: means a clean air environment, gas sensor heating to a working state when the voltage at the load resistance.
The initial current IO: means a clean air environment, gas sensor heating to a working state when the current load resistance.
Breakdown voltage: means a gas sensor is breakdown between two electrodes.
PH: heating power means heating voltage and heating current of the product.
The best working conditions: means a gas sensor stability, sensitivity, response, and recovery time and other parameters of the selected best measure voltage, heating voltage and load resistance and other conditions.
Sensitivity S: means the best working conditions, contact the same gas gas sensors, the resistance with the gas concentration changes of properties. The use of voltage measurements before and after exposure to a gas load resistance on the ratio of the voltage drop is the sensitivity.
Response time Tres: means the best working conditions, the gas sensor contact test gas, the voltage of the load resistor (current) changes to the specified value.
Recovery time of Trec: means the most live working conditions, the gas sensors out of the measured gases, the voltage on load resistance (current) revert to the specified value.
Temperature characteristics: means when the ambient temperature changes, gas sensor resistance value changes.
Humidity: means humidity change, gas sensor resistance value changes.

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