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【 Weak current College 】 battery online capacity test solution 】

Summary: Describes the current status of battery maintenance, the traditional test of capacity problems, the advantages of online capacity test, and to recommend online capacity test instruments and use
Keywords: capacity test, online test, the residual capacity of capacity

First, battery maintenance status

Used as a backup power supply is to ensure that the device battery for continuous operation of the last lifeline. Usual battery shunt in rectifying device, has been instrumental in maintaining the floating State. The present communication industry makes extensive use of maintenance-free battery is sealed lead acid battery (VRLA), its maintenance-free process not only refers to the use of water, instead of having to maintain. This type of battery after long floating charge, often appears active substance falls off, the electrolyte is dry, plate deformation, corrosion and gate phenomena such as sulphide lead battery capacity reduction or even failure. Therefore, the original enactment of Telecom power youdianbudianxinzongju maintenance rules section 83: the batteries every year for a discharge depth is 30%-40% of the heuristic discharge test; every three years a discharge depth at 100% capacity test, using six years later once a year, battery discharge measurements per hour during a backend voltage and discharge current.
At present, there is a considerable part of battery maintenance personnel was not fully in accordance with the telecommunications regulations to maintain the battery, accumulator or even never made discharge test, which is defective in future accident risks, planted there objective and subjective reasons:
First of all, the lack of AdvancedIntelligent instrument, labor-intensive. Traditional discharge (capacity) test to battery pack on the detachment from the system, connected to the resistance wire (or use the water resistance) to discharge, this resistance wire or water resistance bulky, heavy and require a lot of people handling, installation and commissioning, the discharge process at regular intervals, you will need to manually test and record the monomer side battery voltage, discharge large amounts of heat energy, not only damaging the batteries running environment, affect the site maintainers of physical and mental health, and the resistance wire produces red hot phenomenon, you need to watch out for flying in, causing fuel fires, an entire long discharge process maintenance personnel was not afraid to leave, so general maintenance personnel are very headache do discharge test.
Secondly, offline discharge test system breakdown risk exists. In a set of batteries offline discharge process, the city once interrupt the power supply system, a single set of batteries will be immediate paralysis, while the two groups of battery-powered systems into a single power supply, the entire system load current focus on a set of batteries, the battery may cause Group, overload discharge voltage decrease rapidly, not to mention another group online battery quality or unknown, general maintenance personnel are worried because your own discharge test and system crashes.
Once again, on the understanding that misconception. Now due to the battery manufacturers competitive, many manufacturers undertook three years battery if there are quality problems, can, resulting in a lot of people have problems to find existing battery manufacturers solve such a mentality, but paralyzed on battery maintenance, so often paralysis, communication systems to know there is a problem with the battery and battery maintenance is to early to judge the quality of the battery, find out behind the battery and to be addressed, to avoid problems due to battery cause system crashes. There are some people that only the power room, modules, and other important units of battery maintenance attention, but neglected to base station battery maintenance, because the base station paralysis of relatively much smaller, longer battery life, saving cost perspective, on the base station battery maintenance attention, or you can bring considerable economic benefit, because when a group of cells occurs after individual unit behind, if not dealt with in a timely manner, not only the single experience accelerated deterioration, and can cause a chain reaction of other batteries. Normally, a set of regular maintenance of the battery, its service life is at least better than no maintenance of long battery life of 3 to 5 years.

Second, the online capacity test

Battery discharge (capacity) test is a hard job, but it is very necessary, because the acid battery maintenance personnel is committed to exploring an easy, and secure storage battery discharge test method (capacity). Internal resistance meter, conductivity meter, can serve as a parameter of online storage battery meter, depending on the scenario, and to some extent can be qualitative, approximate to determine battery performance, but susceptible to interference of various factors. To be accurate, quantitative know battery performance, better will be the battery to discharge.
Since time immemorial it has been suggested online discharge (capacity) test of concept--people to turn off power to the battery pack on the actual system discharge, during the discharge procedure for the manual measurement log battery terminal voltage, when a single reach or approach the cutoff voltage, recovery utility, to learn about the battery capacity and found behind monomer. This method instead of the battery away from the system, and the discharge procedure in the energy-saving all use, and no heat issues, but considering the safety problems, very few people in reality, because if the battery power is something that happens after the mains, the communication system will be paralysed without backup power supply, even though only discharge 30% ~ 40%, once the discharge process, also in the mains will obviously have to shorten the battery life, moreWhat's more, without understanding the battery capacity, discharge 30% ~ 40% is not very easy to control. If the above mentioned online discharge (capacity) test method to improve the online discharge time reduced to 10 minutes, then you don't have too much into account once the mains battery time shortened this problem, but the premise is that in such a short period of time must be able to get the remaining capacity of a single cell, or no online capacity test.
Overview of the current domestic battery maintenance instrument market, only Taiwan INNET company launched the battery capacity monitoring device BCSU-60N series to meet such requirements. Battery capacity monitoring device BCSU-60N series, capable of online monitoring, record and store the entire set and single cells floating charge and the recharge and discharge period of voltage, current, temperature, and other parameters, all parameters are able to check maps, graphs and data tables show; when the battery voltage difference exceeds a certain value, the balance will be issued a desired signal, when the rechargeable battery voltage and temperature anomalies, will issue a warning; its largest patent and characteristic is: as long as the monitoring of battery discharge 5 minutes online can know each battery remaining capacity, and find out the minimum lag monomer; in addition, the test is completed also automatically generates a test report, greatly reduce the workload of battery maintenance.
2000 October China DGT power maintenance support centres for the instrument in selected provinces (Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangxi, Hubei,) experimental study was conducted, the results reflect very well, there are many provinces and communication systems are in use that device, such as a telecommunication system with Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hebei province, Inner Mongolia, Wuhan and other cities; mobile systems have Fujian, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Shenzhen and other provinces; Unicom systems of Fujian, Jiangxi, Hebei province, Inner Mongolia, Ningbo and other provinces.
Battery capacity monitoring equipment not only achieve BCSU-60N series battery capacity test purposes, but also significantly reduce the workload of battery maintenance, to the traditional battery maintenance methods bring revolutionary changes at a time.

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