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Weak current College】 【3 g related knowledge】.

What is 3G?
3G known as third generation mobile communications, a first generation analog phones (1G) and second generation GSM\CDMA mobile (2G), 3G with higher transmission speeds, the ability to quickly process the image, video and multimedia forms.

What are the benefits of 3 g?
3G biggest advantage is the high speed data download capabilities, relative 2.5G (GPRS/CDMA1x) 100k around. 3G achieves 300k-1M, ADSL broadband speed than the domestic but also a few times.

3 g's primary business?
3 g's flagship business including: wireless broadband Internet access, mobile TV and video call. Wireless network card can achieve download speeds around 1M, mobile TV can Instant playback on TV, you can call the video phone.
Video call: traditional voice calls are. Brought the arrival of 3 g video call for new experiences. To answer the phone when it is no longer a monotone voice, and is illustrated, immersive enjoyment.
Wireless broadband Internet access: traditional GPRS Internet is slow, even with the upgraded EDGE also unsatisfactory. Today's 3 g brings the experience of speed with the network, your network can really enjoy like aoyou.
Mobile TV: cell phone watch TV in real time.

How to open 3G service?
Call customer service for local services is opened, the public can 3G directly to the Business Office for 3 g services. Use 3 g business must replace the 3 g mobile phone, you can purchase in the formal channels for 3 g mobile phones or Internet card.

3G service when opened?
At present three carriers opened 3G service time, China Telecom, China Unicom and mobile in April, may, June is complete cover capital city, completed by the end of the coverage level, specific hotspot can consult local operators.
China Mobile: adopts domestic 3G standard (TD-SCDMA), operational planning is completed by the end of June, the second phase construction TD cover all provincial capitals; this year covering 238 prefecture-level city business hotspots area, accounting for the number of cities above 70%.
China Unicom: uses the most sophisticated WCDMA standard, may the national major capital cities, the end of this year opened 3G overrides 284 hot city, covering about 70% of the total population.
China Telecom CDMA2000 standard, with 3 to be completed by the end of the main capital cities throughout the country opened 3G. Completed by the end of this year, hundreds of major hot spots throughout the city 3G construction.

What is WCDMA standard?
WCDMA is standard with 3 g connectivity, but also is the world's most mature 3 g Standard, evolution technology 3.5G (HSDPA) you can reach the download speed, 7.2M have iPhone, E71, Star Terminal.

What is a CDMA2000 standards?
CDMA2000EVDO is China Telecom's 3 g Standard, used belongs to upgrade technology CDMA1X. China Telecom's acquisition of CDMA network after upgrade to this technology, the technology is relatively mature, but Terminal limited number. The present global context only in North America, Japan, Korea and China and other regions to adopt the standard.

What is TD-SCDMA standards?
TD is a China Mobile 3 g standard used is proprietary property of 3 g technology. After years of development, technology is maturing. However, the disadvantage is the lack of experience in global networking operations, Terminal richness.

Upgrade if you want to change, 3G?
If on the same carrier network, upgrade to the 3 g network, the user does not need to replace the mobile number, do not need to replace the SIM card, as long as the replacement of a 3 g mobile phone, you can enjoy 3 g services.

The three operators 3G differ?
Currently, mobile, Unicom and telecom operators individually different standard 3 g network. Mobile is based on standard Chinese autonomous TD-SCDMA; Unicom is based on the mature WCDMA standards; Telecom is based on the CDMA2000.

Replace operator must change,
Due to our policy of not implementing number portability, if you want to replace the carrier you must replace the existing mobile phone number. Or using provider's only replace a number of services.

Users interact with the 3 g?
And the same, regardless of user 2G use which carrier's 3 g network, with each call, etc. are no problem, there is no question of the so-called compatible; however, users in the corresponding operators must use its standard 3 g network, such as a mobile user, you can only use 3 g Standard TD-based service, you must replace the operator.

How 3G tariff?
At present most lasted 3G 2G tariff, the carrier has made clear that 3G new features will not be higher than 2G charges. Increased competition due to operators, as well as 3 g low-cost advantages, 3G tariff will be cheaper. See in particular the details around the tariff.

3 g network technology comparison
Relatively speaking, Unicom WCDMA standard used is the most mature, the Terminal is the most abundant; followed by China Telecom's CDMA2000; China Mobile's TD-SCDMA standards maturity weak, Terminal.

Parallel mobile phone will support domestic 3G network?
Theory of parallel imports on the purchase of 3 g mobile phones are able to directly access 3 g network, in addition to mobile phone firmware brush into domestic mobile mainstream version, but in this case, we select the revision of the phone when it is important to note that the phone's firmware version.

3 g mobile phone considerations?
3 g mobile phone, as the name implies, support 3 g technology for mobile phones, with no distinction between ordinary cell phone skins; just because 3G to speed data is good at, 3 g mobile phone with a large screen, mostly high-megapixel cameras, and other functions.

Why3G Internet slowly
Due to the present are still in the early operational 3G networking base station covers a smaller number, network coverage and quality is low will directly affect the download speed. At the same time, since 3G data transfer bandwidth belonging to share, once with regional 3G too many Internet users, download speed will be reduced.

There is Internet access cards can take broadband?
Currently not recommended to buy Internet card after decommissioning 3G home broadband, 3G Internet card has the advantage of high-speed mobile Internet access, but the speed and stability depends on the quality of the network, especially early residential regional coverage quality will not be too high, so the household 3G network card speed and stability are not very good protection, coupled with a locale that uses a number of severely reducing the download speed.

4G will soon replace 3G?
Have been saying that 4G immediately coming, no need to start many users also 3G said can wait 4G. This claim is absolutely wrong, for users, the 3 g high-speed data access to be able to bring better experience. 4G current technical standards are still not sure, technology product business still needs to be 2 years time.

Internet card SIM card mobile available?
Generally you opened 3G Internet card services will bring a mobile phone, the SIM number does not have a voice conversation function, that is inserted into the phone cannot call; otherwise, the phone's SIM card can be used for Internet access. Internet card SIM does not support voice calls, typically for a data download business requirements prevent for VOIP.

The relationship between MB and Mb, it is easy to be hoodwinked speed
3G units are frequently confused, explained below. MB is usually MByte (megabytes), and Mb (the megabits) is an abbreviation for Mbit. 1 byte = 8 bits, the generally 100KB/s speed for 800Kb/s. Operator sells is Mb instead of MB, if you provide 2 m who claims that wireless broadband, the actual download speed should be 2Mbit/8, probably near 260KB/s.

3G speed shared and unshared
3 g network bandwidth is still limited and is fully shared. Hypothetical configuration of mobile Internet bandwidth is 2Mbps, if the entire community that is 1 carrier in only one person in the wireless Internet access, wireless Internet access rate can reach 2Mbps; when 10 people, a maximum of only 200Kbps, similarly, if you have 1000 individuals, the speed will be ruined.

Ask the relationship between 3 g and the fixed network?
Such as: 3 g and what was fixed.
1, such as my phone is the telecommunications number to a Web site up and down in the middle of the film, is not fixed by Telecom to deliver data?
2, mobile has not previously been fixed, CTT's fixed network coverage is not very good, if not with CTT's area, Internet access to download mobile, it will use in the middle of anybody's fixed network line, will be your network?
A.; base station are optical circuit connection, the pipe PSTN what? 3G Internet can say and do you think of the "fixed". Even without a fixed-line operator, or on 3G.

3G what is the difference with WiFi?
Recently asked the question that we often mention 3G with WiFi.
Very simple, doesn't matter with WiFi 3G. 3G is 2G mobile communication network upgrade version that belongs to a mobile communications network. But WiFi is a wireless network, the most common is if your mobile phone or notebook wireless-enabled, you can search to a nearby wireless networks, and access the Internet, this is the Wifi. Now many families use ADSL, configure a wireless router, you can implement a home more computers with wireless Internet access. This is wifi.
So why 3G came, so many people confuse the two concepts. The biggest reason is that the 3 g network can achieve high-speed wireless Internet access. Purchase 3G network card, insert the network card, or you can go directly to the Internet. But this time is through the 3 g mobile networks, but not wifi.
Contrast, WIFI can achieve 50M above transfer speeds, the disadvantage is the limited support, such as distance from your home wireless routers only at home. But now realize 3G national roaming the Internet, but the speed is limited, after the upgrade, 3G 3G Internet can achieve 1M, actual speed reached 300K above.
In addition, operators will recommend your own WiFi network service, but is the operator of the national construction, will follow the WiFi network fees and charges.

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